Reminder for Upcoming Paraprofessional Cluster on Oct. 18th

by Lorie Coonts -

This is a reminder to sign up for the Paraprofessional Cluster on October 18th from 4:30-6:30 over Zoom.  Megan Bashioum, a School Psychologist Intern will be presenting on Emotional Intelligence.  She will be discussing the key elements and how they relate to relationships with others.  Strategies will be provided to help paraprofessionals not only be aware of their own emotional intelligence but also how to support students build their awareness and skills in this area. 

School in the Woods- Free Workshop for PreK-12 Teachers

by Megan Eikleberry -

Please see the attached flyer for School in the Woods to learn about connecting your curriculum to outdoor learning. The free event will take place in Colorado Springs on Saturday, November 4th.

PreK-12 Teachers will find lessons for their grade level to support their curriculum and use the GREAT outdoors as a learning tool.  Free workshop, resources, snacks and lunch! Register by Oct 28th. Mileage reimbursement upon request for 40 miles or greater one way.

Flyer and Registration Link

Morgridge College of Education University of Denver School Psychology Rural Hybrid ED.S Program

by Beverly Blagg -

Morgridge College of Education University of Denver received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education and is starting a School Psychology Rural Hybrid Ed.S Program.  East Central BOCES supported the grant application process by writing a letter of support as there is a shortage of school psychologists, especially those who want to work in rural settings. 

The course work is virtual and allows you to complete the Practicum I, Practicum II, and ED.S Internships with EC BOCES.  70% of the tuition costs will be covered by the grant. There will be 2 cohorts starting in the summers of 2024 and 2025. The application deadline for the first cohort is December 2023. There are specific requirements regarding the schools you would need to work and for EC BOCES this means you would work in our East area schools in the Limon to Burlington area. 

See the link for further information: Morgridge College of Education University of Denver Rural Hybrid ED.S. Program

DonorsChoose: Apply Even If You Were Previously Funded!

by Megan Eikleberry -

All Colorado public school educators who teach students in Pre-K – 12th grade are eligible for the program. Educators who previously received a donation on a project when this opportunity was first available are eligible for a second donation on a new project with this second opportunity. 

Funding from the first round (11 million) was gone in about a week. The funding for this round is about half (6.3 million) so will go very quick. Submit your projects ASAP!!

DonorsChoose- More Money: Create Your Project Today!!!

by Megan Eikleberry -

If you did not get funded during the first round, please make sure your project meets all the requirements and you must enter the campaign code correctly! 

Since funding is limited, submit as soon as possible for the best chance to get your project approved.

Given the popular demand of the first round of grants, the Governor is dedicating an additional $6.3 million in federal Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funding to support the needs of hardworking Colorado teachers. Post a new project today

Starting on September 21st, 2023, Governor Jared Polis & Colorado Department of Education will award up to $1,000 in Federal COVID Relief funding to Colorado classroom teachers’ projects requesting resources to support students in response to COVID-19. Funding for eligible projects will be applied shortly after a project is approved. 

How to qualify

  • If you don’t already have one, create a teacher account at Do not create a duplicate account.
  • Sign into your account.
  • Submit a project on DonorsChoose using the campaign code COLORADO, keep your total project goal under $1,000 (that’s about $800 in materials and $200 in shipping and other fees). 
    • Request resources to support students’ social, emotional, and mental well-being as well as the impacts of interrupted academic learning as a result of COVID-19. 
      • Keep in mind that your $1,000 grant includes the materials cost, applicable taxes and fees, shipping costs, and other processing costs. To keep your total project goal at $1,000 you should request around $800 in materials; you will see the project’s total goal update as you shopClick here for an example
      • When submitting your project request, describe how the supplies will help support student learning after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • If your project is approved, funding from CDE, of up to $1,000, will appear on your DonorsChoose project page and you’ll receive an email from DonorsChoose when the funding arrives.
    • When you receive an email from DonorsChoose indicating your project has been funded, confirm your funded project using a district email address as soon as possible and before Sept. 30.
  • Create a new project on or after 9AM MST September 21st, 2023 and before September 29th, 2023.

Create your project

What won’t qualify:

  • Projects posted before September 21st, 2023 or after September 29th.
  • Projects with a total goal over $1,000 (this includes all fees)
  • Any items that include a subscription component
  • Materials from Scholastic, Time for Kids, or Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards
  • Resources categorized as "Food, Clothing, & Hygiene"
    • This means any items like food/snacks, clothing, first aid kits, hand sanitizer, deodorant, tissues, air fresheners, irons, cleaning supplies, or other non-COVID learning response related resources.
  • Projects within the subject area "Warmth, Care, & Hunger"
  • Professional Development, special requests, and virtual trip and visitor projects
  • Capital improvements to school building(s)
  • Salaries or bonuses

How you’ll receive funding:

If your project meets the above criteria, you’ll receive $1,000 in funding as soon as your project is reviewed by our team and posted on our site, while funds last. 

With thanks to the Colorado Department of Education

Gov. Jared Polis and the Colorado Department of Education are proud to support Colorado teachers and their incredible work responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on student learning. These funds are part of a federal relief package and allowable uses of the funds include:

  • Academic materials that students need to recover from learning loss
  • Social-emotional or mental health support materials to help with the impact of COVID-19 on student mental health

All participating teachers should comply with any applicable local laws and school district policies when creating their DonorsChoose projects for this partnership.

The initial $11M project was wholly funded by the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, ALN 84.425D, through the Colorado Department of Education.

Additional funding for this project included $6.3M from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Funds, ALN 84.425C & R, through the Colorado Governor's Office and $400,000 from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, ALN 84.425D, through the Colorado Department of Education.

Scaffolding for Experienced English Language Learners

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -

Here is a link to an article related to Tan Huynh and Beth Skelton's book published earlier this year.  Congratulations to Tan and Beth on the accomplishment and thanks to them both for developing a wonderful resource for educators!  We are so fortunate to have Beth as a professional development provider for our consortium.  Beth will be presenting a 4-session cohort coming up on the following dates:  October 17, November 29, January 16, and February 13.  Participants should register on our website and plan to attend all four sessions.  Beth is requesting people participate via computer rather than a phone connection.  Any consortium member participating in all four sessions would be eligible to receive a copy of the book (shown below) after the participation and completion of all four sessions.

Link to: Edutopia Article-Scaffolding for Experienced English Language Learners

This is a newly published book which Beth Skelton co-wrote with Tan Huynh

Mind and Brain Education Conference with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

by Megan Eikleberry -

Dear Teachers,  

Hope you are having a good start to the new school year and found some time to rest and relax this past summer. We know that most of you are still getting settled in your classrooms and may not find the time to check our website so we wanted to bring this to your attention. 

 We are very excited about once again hosting a popular upcoming event for K-12 educators this year at the museum on September 30 (see below). The past two years, it has proven to be successful because teachers like yourselves reported that spending the day learning from other classroom educators and university researchers about practical evidence-based teaching strategies was useful. 

 We know that this is a bigger "ask" for teachers from rural eastern and western Colorado then it is for those in the front range. So, in addition to the discounted hotel room. We have a limited number of first come first served scholarships for any teachers who are coming from 100 miles or more away and we also will reimburse their mileage. Just email me if you or anyone you know are interested.

We are hoping to get 50% of our participants registered by September 15, so that we can be assured that we will be able to cover our costs and not need to cancel the event. 

Hope you are able to make it , and please reach out if you have questions. Thank you for all you are doing every day for your students, especially those most at risk. 

 All the best,  

Tim Blesse                                            

Teacher Programs Consultant 

Denver Museum of Nature & Science 

Brandon Davis 

Manager of ExciteEd School & Teacher Programs 

Denver Museum of Nature & Science 



Program Details 


Join us at the Denver Museum of Nature &Science for a day of "Mind & Brain Education" presented and attended by local K–12 educators and university researchers with a common interest in applying psychology and neuroscience to their practice as they learn about things like:   

  • How do we learn?  
  • How do we regulate emotion?  
  • Culturally responsive teaching and the brain  
  • What motivates and demotivates learners?  
  • The science of belonging and agency  

    We are bringing together local facilitators who will present some evidence-based strategies that you can walk away and use tomorrow. In addition to our nationally recognized keynote presenter, choose between several 90-minute concurrent breakout sessions held in 3 rounds.  

Saturday, September 30
8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

For practicing K–12 grade educators 

Registration Information 


Registration Only $85 (includes coffee, snacks, featured presenter and a copy of the bookPowerful Teaching.)
Optional University Credit (Add On) $45  


Option A: (No cost) All participants will receive a certificate of hours for 7.5 hours upon checking out at the end of the day.   

Option B: Optional University Credit is available (0.5 hr) for an additional cost (see above) if you attend all sessions and complete a one-page written reflection about a brain-based strategy, suggested by a conference presenter, that you implement and evaluated after implementation. The evaluation can be anectdotal but should include evidence from student performance or class culture.   

Registration is required
Click this link to "Register Now" or call 303.370.6000. For questions regarding this course, please e-mail 

Coming from outside the Denver Metropolitan Area? 

The museum has worked with the nearby DoubleTree Hotel to arrange discounted hotel rooms and waived parking fees for our conference guests. The discounted room rate is $119/night for a room with two double beds. (approx. $137.74 after taxes). To book your room at this rate simply click the link below and make your reservation.  



Reminder of Upcoming Para-Professional Cluster

by Lorie Coonts -

This is a reminder to all paraprofessionals that there will be a cluster/training on Tuesday September 12th from 4:30-6:30 on Roles and Responsibilities of Paraprofessionals.  Please go to the BOCES website to register.   The training will be via zoom.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!
Leah Price 

Beth Skelton 4-Session Cohort focused on Tools for EL Students

by Megan Eikleberry -
Needing tools and resources to help support your EL students? Join Beth Skelton in a 4-session cohort throughout the school year. Participants will receive a $100 stipend for attending all four sessions. Please see the attached flyer for more information and register for ALL four sessions on the website if you plan on attending. 

Beth Skelton Flyer

Tips for Getting Started with DBQ

by Megan Eikleberry -

Welcome Back to DBQ Online

Logging in and getting comfortable with DBQ Online!

The most important thing to start the year is making sure teachers can access and use DBQ Online! Please forward the attachment, which describes how to login and use DBQ Online, to your teachers!

Instructions for Logging In - All Integration Types
Getting Started Guide

DBQ Online 2023 Amazing New Features

We are always looking to improve our platform! We have added:

  • audio tool - leave recordings for your students
  • hyperlink tool - link your students to any website/new document
  • search function - find units and documents on any topic
  • customized binders for administrators - create custom binders using the entire library
Learn more about all of our amazing new features!

Classroom Funding for Prek-12 Teachers- Possible $1,000 with DonorsChoose

by Megan Eikleberry -

If you have submitted a project and it has not been funded yet, please reach out to the DonorsChoose Help Center (Link) to determine why. If your project was over $1,000 or didn't meet other eligibility criteria, you will need to resubmit to get funded from CDE.  Submit and review ASAP as funding is going quickly! 

Starting on August 24, 2023, the Colorado Department of Education will award up to $1,000 in Federal COVID Relief funding to Colorado classroom teachers’ projects requesting resources to support students in response to COVID-19. Funding for eligible projects will be applied shortly after a project is approved. ​If you do not see funding from CDE applied to your project within 24 hours, submit a customer service ticket to DonorsChoose via the customer contact form.

Eligibility Information:

  • Project requests can be made by anyone who meets all of the following criteria:
    • Is employed full time by a Colorado school district, charter school, Bureau of Indian Affairs school or Head Start center.
    • Spends at least three-quarters of their time directly interacting with PreK-12th grade Colorado public school students.
    • Examples of qualifying positions include K-12 classroom Educator, PreK Educator, school librarian, school nurse, school psychologist, etc.
    • A full list of eligibility criteria is available on the DonorsChoose website.

Project Request Details:

Only projects meeting all required criteria will be funded at a maximum of $1000.

  • Each $1,000 project includes the cost of materials and applicable fees. To keep the project goal at $1,000 teachers should request around $800 in materials.
    • Projects with a cost higher than $1,000 will not qualify for funding from CDE.
  • Required project criteria:
    • Project requests must come from a Colorado public school teacher or public charter teacher and serve students in grades PreK-12.
    • The project goal must be strong, clearly stated and educationally appropriate for the students affected.
    • Student benefits must be clear and apparent.
    • Requested items must reasonably relate to the stated project goal.
    • Student privacy is protected, with no identifying details about students or families provided.
    • Materials requested must be for student use.
    • Materials requested must be related to student recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Food, staff stipends, hiring for district positions, purchased services, capital equipment or professional development materials for the educator will not qualify for this funding.
  • For a full list of project criteria, visit the DonorsChoose website.

How to qualify:

Questions & Answers

Which educators qualify; who is eligible? 

All Colorado public school educators who teach students in PreK-12th grade are eligible for the program. For the purposes of this program, “Colorado educator” is defined as any full-time equivalent public-school employee who spends the majority of their time directly educating or counseling students. Read a more detailed list of eligibility requirements on the DonorsChoose website.

I already have a DonorsChoose account, do I need to make a new account to submit a project?

No. Only one DonorsChoose account per teacher is permitted. If you already have a DonorsChoose account sign in to that account before submitting your project.

What resources can educators request?

Educators can request classroom resources, including but not limited to supplies, technology and instructional materials.

Can a non-educator nominate an educator and/or project?

No. Funding through this partnership is intended to address the individual and specific need(s) of each educator and classroom. Educators must submit their own projects to participate in the program. See the CDE Communications toolkit if you'd like to share about this program on social media.

Can educators submit multiple projects for funding?

Each Colorado educator can only have one project funded through this funding opportunity. However, educators are encouraged to post additional projects to DonorsChoose and benefit from the community of donors.

For more information on if your project qualifies, visit the DonorsChoose Help Center or reach out to Matt Koziol -

DBQ Self-paced Courses with Stipend

by Megan Eikleberry -

If you are new to DBQ or would like to learn more about implementation and how to use the resources, there are self-paced courses available. While funding is available, teachers can earn a stipend after completion of the self-paced course. Please reach out to Megan Eikleberry for more information or questions about the stipend. 

DBQ Project's Self-Paced Courses

DBQ 101 - Fall 2023 Offerings

DBQ 101 Course Description

DBQ 101 Course Description 

These self-paced courses familiarize teachers with The DBQ Project Method. Teachers will learn how to make the DBQ process engaging and powerful for students. Participants will work through the steps of The DBQ Project Method at their own pace, pausing to reflect and practice along the way. 

The Basics

  • Courses will launch on August 8th, September 12th, and October 10th. More will be added as we move forward!
  • DBQ 101 is equivalent to our DBQ Full Day Introductory Workshop.
  • Courses are available at no charge.
  • Options for both instructors with DBQ Online access and instructors with the print binders.
  • Courses will be open for a month after launch.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of completion when they finish the course.
  • Certificate will contain credit hours - 6 for teachers with access to DBQ Online, 5 for those without.

Available Courses: 

Note! While the self-paced courses center around specific units, The DBQ Project Method, which drives them, is applicable to all DBQ Project material.

Early Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die? - Elementary focus

Youth Activism: Should Your Town Ban the Sale of Plastic Water Bottles? - Elementary focus

Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit? - Elementary and Middle School focus

What Were the Primary Reasons for the "Fall" of Rome? - Middle and High School focus

A Question of Scale: How Wealthy is Brazil? - Middle and High School focus

Civics: Should Americans be Required to Vote? - Middle and High School focus

Politics or Principle: Why Did L.B.J. Sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964? - Middle and High School focus

What Was The Underlying Cause of World War I? - High School focus

Available soon!

Literature: How Did Abolitionists Make the Case Against Slavery? - Middle and High School focus

DBQ Project Self-Paced Courses

DBQ Project Self-Paced Courses 

For more information, please reach out! 

DBQ News and Resources: September

by Megan Eikleberry -

If you teach Social Studies (3-12) or English and would like access to the online portal with resources, please reach out to Megan Eikleberry at

DBQ News Online Support Series - September 2023Welcome Back to School!
The DBQ Project is here to address district and school needs. DBQ News is our professional development and support program newsletter designed to help teachers help students "read smart, think straight and write clearly," whether it is in-person or virtually. Each month, we will be sending out DBQ News detailing PD opportunities, tips and tricks, new stuff, and DBQ Online support.

September DBQ/Mini-Q Unit Spotlights

How Do We Remember 9/11?

On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked. Terrorists used airplanes as weapons and crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and a field in Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people from 90 different countries lost their lives. This Mini-Q looks at different ways we remember this tragedy by focusing on three particular groups - the victims, the survivors, and the helpers. 

Early Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die?

In May 1607, a group of roughly 100 men from England landed in Virginia. They would soon establish the first permanent English colony in what is now the United States. The early years of settlement were not easy. This Mini-Q asks why so many colonists died.

DBQ Online Teaching Tips & Strategies

Using the Student Essay Page to Create DBQ “Quick Writes”

A DBQ “Quick Write” is a short DBQ-type lesson. It is short, meaning 1-2 class periods or 30-45

minutes at home in a virtual setting. A “Quick Write” is not a full DBQ, which encompasses multiple

historical thinking skills, not to mention literacy and critical thinking. A “Quick Write” focuses on one or two skills for students to learn and develop in isolation. Using a football analogy, a full DBQ is Friday night’s football game, where all of the skills learned have to be on display. A “Quick Write” is the weekday practice on one skill, technique, or formation.

Attached below is a document showing you how to create and customize a Quick Write and examples using several pages in a DBQ Online lesson.

What's New with DBQ Online?

Three Amazing New Features Added to DBQ Online!

We are listening! 

  • Search feature: The new search feature allows teachers to quickly search for a particular subject, historical figure, event, etc. Just type "Andrew Jackson" in the search box and any unit that mentions Andrew Jackson will appear.
  • Add Audio and Hyperlink Annotation: Through teacher markups, teachers now have the ability to add an audio annotation to any page in the unit. Just click the microphone and record a specific note! This feature is also available in the feedback mode. Teachers can ALSO embed unique hyperlinks into the platform, giving them unlimited flexibility on how to scaffold and support students.
  • District Customized Binders: In the District Admin Portal, administrators can create customized binders and share them with their schools. Customized binders can be created from all units in the library, making courses for grade-level bands and for thematic studies that focus on an era or groups of people.

DBQ District Spotlight

Magnolia ISD, Magnolia, TX

Magnolia ISD uses The DBQ Project as the driving force in a compressed 5th-grade social studies curriculum designed to improve the reading performance of their most struggling readers.

Check out what Bear Branch Intermediate School principal, Coni Felinski, had to say about the success of using The DBQ Project.

DBQ Coni Felinski

DBQ Project Workshops

We offer three types of workshops:

  • In-person
  • Virtual
  • Asynchronous

Our workshops provide the sustained support teachers need to help their students be successful. The DBQ Project is committed to helping teachers accelerate their students at a pace everyone can understand. Students need strong reading and communication skills to succeed personally, in school, and at work. 21st-century teachers need information and support to boost critical thinking skills and close racial and socio-economic gaps in student achievement. We have several asynchronous courses that do just that. Click below for more information.

The DBQ Project

"Helping ALL students to read smart, think straight and write clearly"

Location: 1234 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, IL, USA
Phone: 847-475-4007
X (Twitter): @dbqproject

Classroom Funding for Prek-12 Teachers- Possible $1,000 with DonorsChoose

by Megan Eikleberry -

The Colorado Department of Education, in collaboration with DonorsChoose, is providing $1,000 in funding to help teachers purchase classroom supplies. Every Colorado PreK-12 public school teacher is eligible to apply for this opportunity while the $11 million in COVID-19 relief funds last.
Note: Since funding is limited, submit as soon as possible for the best chance to get your project approved.
Here’s How to Qualify:
  • Create a teacher account at, if you don’t already have one.
  • Sign into your account.
  • Submit a project on DonorsChoose using the campaign code COLORADO, keep your total project goal under $1,000 (that’s about $800 in materials). 
  • When submitting your project request, describe how the supplies will help support student learning after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • If your project is approved, funding from CDE, of up to $1,000, will appear on your DonorsChoose project page and you’ll receive an email from DonorsChoose when the funding arrives.
    • When you receive an email from DonorsChoose indicating your project has been funded, confirm your funded project using a district email address as soon as possible and before Sept. 30.
Submit My Poject button
For more information on if your project qualifies,
visit the DonorsChoose Help Center.

Attention Science Teachers!!

by Megan Eikleberry -

Below are some professional development opportunities and student opportunities coming up through CDE and other organizations:

1. The Learning-Centered Assessment Systems Toolkit is a free professional learning opportunity presented by CDE, the State Performance Assessment Learning Community, and CU Boulder to provide science educators the opportunity to learn more about:

  • the instructional shifts that go along with three-dimensional instruction outlined by the Colorado Academic Standards for Science.
  • the use of three-dimensional embedded and transfer assessment opportunities that intentionally advance learning for all learners.
  • crafting high quality, three-dimensional assessment tasks as well as how best to use learner artifacts to inform instruction.
  • If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please complete this survey by September 8, 2023. Please contact Angela Landrum at with questions. 

2. American Physical Society (APS) Division of Plasma Physics (DPP) will be hosting a FREE Student Expo (Nov 2-3, 2023) and  FREE Teacher Day (Nov 1,  2023) in Denver Register Here 

  • Reimbursement for Bus and Subs available!!
  • Flyer

 3. Starting in August Virtual, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering free interactive virtual programs for K-12 classes. Virtual program topics will include adaptations, mapping, and ecosystems. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will provide a zoom link and printouts. Additional information will be provided after signing up.  

Sign-up Here


Supporting Twice Exceptional (2e) Learners Part 1: A five-week asynchronous online course

by Jodi Church -

Free Course runs Mon, Sept 18 - Mon, Oct 16, 2023 

Registration Deadline: Friday, September 1, 2023 

Please click HERE to register. 

Professional Development provided by the CDE Twice Exceptional Cadre, a collaboration between the offices of Special Education and Gifted Education from the Colorado Department of Education Exceptional Student Services Unit


Educators who want to learn about gifted students with disabilities (i.e., twice exceptional students).

Participants may include general education educators, special educators, gifted educators, counselors, psychologists, social workers, specialized service providers, principals, directors, or administrators.


  • Pass/Fail grade: must earn 80% to pass

  • 24 professional development hours for passing course

  • Although asynchronous, please note for the benefit of all participants, there will be a limited number of deadlines (e.g., weekly discussion posts)

  • All course materials (e.g., selected readings, videos) are provided

  • Participants will complete a student study

  • Taught via CDE’s Moodle platform

  • This course is a prerequisite for the Supporting Twice Exceptional (2e) Learners Part 2 course

  • Course may close if filled before registration deadline or be canceled due to low enrollment

  • For questions, please contact Connolly Sherwood, Twice Exceptional Gifted Education Consultant  |  720.215.8842


  • recognize the characteristics and needs of twice exceptional (2e) students including identification considerations

  • apply evidence-based strategies to support both strengths and challenges of 2e students

  • define and utilize strength-based programming for 2e students within an MTSS framework

  • analyze student data to support the development of appropriate goals for 2e learners


  • Build capacity to identify and support 2e students

  • Meet and collaborate with colleagues throughout the state

  • Complete in 5 weeks

  • Earn 24 contact hours for CDE license renewal

  • School, district, or BOCES can take the course together

  • Support from CDE’s Twice Exceptional Cadre

DBQ Welcome Back for English and Social Studies Teachers 3-12!

by Megan Eikleberry -

Welcome Back to DBQ Online!

  • New teachers? Sign up for a demo! It lasts 30-45 minutes and takes teachers through the basics of DBQ Online. Link to DBQ Online Demo signups here!

  • Need deeper professional development? We have created a FREE asynchronous professional development coursewhich goes much further into the DBQ pedagogy. Sign up for the DBQ Asynchronous Course here
    • Stipends paid by ECBOCES upon completion. Reach out to for more information.
  • DBQ Online 2023 Amazing New Features. We are always looking to improve our platform! We have added: 
    • Audio tool - leave recordings for your students

    • Hyperlink tool - link your students to any website/new document

    • Search function - find units and documents on any topic

    • Customized binders for administrators - create custom binders using the entire library

    • Learn more about all of our amazing new features!

  • IMPORTANT:  If you are new to DBQ this year and need DBQ Online Access, please contact Megan Eikleberry at

Culturally, Linguistically Diverse AND Gifted Courses

by Jodi Church -

Participate in up to three levels of self-paced online courses for supporting students who are both CLD and high potential or gifted. These courses are approved for CLD re-licensure requirements from CDE. 

The courses are open from September 11th through December 8th, 2023. Register here by September 11th. See flyer for more information about course descriptions, cost and reimbursement guidelines, and optional graduate credit. 

Contact Jodi Church with questions,

Attention Counselors- YouScience Training.

by Jack Daly -

Youscience is used to provide career guidance by discovering students' aptitudes. They use artificial intelligence to uncover student aptitudes, then connect those aptitudes to career and education pathways.  This is especially useful when doing ICAPS.

Last year each of the districts received several Zspace computers that are mainly meant to be used for your CTE and STEM classes to expand options in those classes.  However those machines also include YouScience subscriptions for you to use and these subscriptions can be used on any computer.

The training will be on August 16 @ 10am. You can use the this zoom link to attend

You can also register on the ECBOCES website

Colorado Emergent Literacy Scales Training

by Beverly Blagg -

Register on the EC BOCES website to Attend the Colorado Emergent Literacy Scales Training (CELS) on September 12 from 9-1:30 at the East Central BOCES office. Gina Herrera, Colorado Department of Education District-Wide Alternate Assessment Consultant will present information on the purpose of the CELS, and Administering and Scoring the CELS. This training is highly encouraged for those who are responsible for READ Act Assessment and those who teach or work with students who are receiving instruction based on Extended Evidence Outcomes, this includes DACs, special education teachers, and general education teachers at all grade levels.  

As you know the READ Act requires an assessment of literacy development for K-3 students but not all students have the skills to take the assessment that districts have chosen to utilize. In those situations, the Colorado Emergent Literacy Scales (CELS) is used. This assessment is typically used for students whose instruction is based on Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEOs). Once a student is on a READ Plan they will remain on a READ Plan until the student achieves grade-level competency. As part of the READ ACT Implementation Process, students need to be assessed throughout each school year. Students who are assessed using the CELS need to be assessed on the same assessment schedule as all students in the district. This is why it is important that at least one person from each district has the knowledge to administer and score the CELS.

Lunch will be provided. For questions contact Bev Blagg at 719-740-0544. 

Fulfilling Job

by Beverly Blagg -

Want a fulfilling job working with kids? Join the EC BOCES Team by working as a paraprofessional in the West Center-Based Learning Program located at Strasburg. Competitive Salary $15-$18 an hour dependent on experience. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance. To apply go to, click on Jobs at the bottom of the page, click on Full Time Special Education Paraprofessional, and then click on Apply.  If you have questions contact Tracy Grimes at or 719-775-2342 ext. 101. 

Reminder Upcoming ZSpace Training on June 19

by Jack Daly -

Sign up for the Zspace training on June 19

Program Overview: The Zspace Training Program aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and expertise to leverage the power of Zspace, a cutting-edge virtual reality platform. By blending virtual reality and real-world experiences, Zspace opens up infinite possibilities for training, simulations, and interactive learning.

Program Highlights:

  1. Introduction to Zspace: Discover the fundamentals of Zspace and gain a comprehensive understanding of its features and capabilities.
  2. Virtual Reality Immersion: Dive into captivating virtual environments that replicate real-life scenarios, enabling hands-on experiences without leaving the training room.
  3. Interactive Simulations: Engage in interactive simulations that mimic complex tasks, providing a safe and controlled environment to develop skills and boost proficiency.
  4. Collaborative Learning: Experience the power of collaboration within the Zspace platform, allowing you to connect and interact with colleagues, mentors, and subject matter experts.
SIgn up through the ECBOCES website and bring your Zspace machine with you

Lunch is provided

3D Printer Training Reminder

by Emma Richardson -

Just a reminder that we have a final 3D printer training on June 9th.  This training will offer some advanced modeling using Fusion 360 software (please have installed prior to training).  There will also be some robot giveaways during the training for ECBOCES Members.

This training is available on site or via Zoom, please be sure to register as soon as possible so that we can get a count for lunch.  Register HERE.

Last Chance to Register for Summer Institute!!

by Megan Eikleberry -

Are you needing credit hours for your license renewal? Are you wanting strategies to improve your practice? Join us in June at the ECBOCES office!

  • English Language Learner PD June 5th, June 12th, June 13th, June 14th, and June 15th
  • Content specific PD for ELA and Math June 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. 

Please see the attached flyer for more information. Lunch and stipend will be included!! 

Summer PD Flyer

Summer AgriCULTURE Institutes

by Megan Eikleberry -

FlyerBelow is information on the Colorado Agriculture in the Classroom’s Summer AgriCULTURE Institutes. They are holding two courses in July – a 5-day course in Durango and a 3-day course in Denver. Participants will earn Continuing Education Units or CSU Graduate Level Credits. They will also get a behind the scenes look at Colorado agriculture, learning directly from farmers, ranchers, and industry experts. At the end of the course, they will receive lessons and training on how to introduce food, water, and agriculture topics into their classrooms. Please share!


Jennifer Scharpe
Executive Director
Colorado Agriculture in the Classroom

Colorado Foundation for Agriculture
10343 Federal Blvd Unit J Box 224
Westminster, CO 80260

Office:  970-818-3308
Direct (cell):  720-788-3224



Two Professional Development Courses to Learn About Agriculture 

The Summer AgriCULTURE Institutes (SAI) are hands-on professional development courses designed for educators – all grade levels, all disciplines, formal and informal. This is not your typical professional development. Past participants have said the SAIs are like summer camp for adults as much of the time is spent on tours of farms, ranches, and food and agriculture production facilities. 


To learn more and register for either course, please click here or visit


July 10-14, 2023 – Durango: Crossroads of agriculture and education.

If you’re new to Agriculture in the Classroom or if you’d like to learn about agriculture and natural resources in the southwest, this five-day course is for you. Ranching, farming, produce, water, and integrating agriculture into your school are just a few of the topics that you will learn about through on-site tours and presentations from industry experts. PreK-12 formal and informal educators in all disciplines from across the Four Corners region and beyond are welcome. Registration of $95 includes 2.5 Continuing Education Units (37.5 clock hours) and 3 free optional graduate level credits from Colorado State University. Confirmed tours include Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project, Stone Peak Ranch, Milligan’s Bees, McComb Ranch, and more. Plus, get training on lessons from the National Center for Agricultural Literacy!


July 18-20, 2023 – Denver: The science of animal agriculture. 

A NEW, three-day professional development opportunity focused on immersive learning experiences in science education. From veterinary science to climate impacts of livestock production to food production, participants will learn directly from industry experts and be equipped with lessons and resources that can be immediately used in the classroom. While this session will be science-focused, it is open to all preK-12 grade formal and informal educators from Colorado and surrounding states. Registration of $45 includes 1.5 Continuing Education Units (22.5 clock hours) and 1 free optional graduate level credit from Colorado State University. Confirmed tours include Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, CSU AgNext, CDA Animal Health Lab, CSU Spur Campus, plus speakers on pork production and soil health.


Help spread the word by sharing this flyer with educators in your school, district, community, networks, and beyond!


Second 3D Printer Training - June 9th

by Emma Richardson -

We are able to bring our presenters back for another 3D Printer Training on June 9th.  This will be offered in person at East Central BOCES but can also be accessed via Zoom.  This training will build on the last training by delving more into Fusion 360 modeling software.  It will also look at some more slicer settings.  

There will some cool giveaways during the training (think Robots!!) for East Central BOCES members!

Lunch will be provided.  Please register HERE.

Summer Institute

by Megan Eikleberry -

Make sure you register!! 

All sessions will be from 9:00-3:00 at the ECBOCES office in Limon. Teachers will receive a stipend and lunch will be provided. 

June 5th: Supporting English Learners/Multilingual Learners in the Classroom K-12

June 6th: Promoting Literacy through PBL 6-12

June 7th: Promoting PBL in the K-5 Classroom

June 8th: Implementing PBL in Math K-5

June 9th: Implementing PBL in Math 6-12

June 12th: The Language of Language Arts 4-12 (EL Hours)

June 13th: The Language of Math 4-12 (EL Hours)

June 14th: The Language of Science 4-12 (EL Hours)

June 15th: The Language of Social Studies 4-12 ( EL Hours)

See attached flyer for more information.

Summer Institute Flyer

ZSpace for Beginners- 3D & VR in the classroom

by Jack Daly -

ZSpace for Beginners

Learn how to use Zspace and 3D technology to teach your students. This class is an introduction to using the Zspace machines that your district have received this year.  Zspace allows you to deliver an immersive and interactive learning experiences for your students. Get links to lesson plans and develop your own project using the machines in the class

Subjects: Elementary, Science, Math & CTE
Watch the short video below to sample the power of the machines to transform your classroom

If the video doesn't work use the following link

Sign up for the class on the BOCES website at

When: June 19, 2023
Where: BOCES in Limon
Subjects: Elementary, Math, Science, & CTE
Required: Bring one of your districts Zspace machines with you

Colorado Rockies Teacher Appreciation Homestand

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -
The Colorado Rockies appreciate teachers.  Let’s hear it for our educators!

The Colorado Rockies and TEACH Colorado would like to invite all teachers, support staff, administrators, and volunteers to enjoy a special night at the ballpark!

For questions or to purchase more than 12 tickets, please call 303-ROCKIES or

Link for more information:

Prices and locations subject to change without notice.

Philadelphia Phillies Series (Fri-Sun)

Friday, May 12 at 6:40pm vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Saturday, May 13 at 6:10pm vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Sunday, May 14 at 1:10pm vs. Philadelphia Phillies

$65 Infield Lower Level
$45 Club Level, Outfield
$25 Outfield/Corner Outfield Box
$22 Pavilion
$22 Rightfield Mezzanine
$15 Upper Reserved, Infield

Cincinnati Reds Series (Mon-Wed)

Monday, May 15 at 6:40pm vs. Cincinnati Reds
Tuesday, May 16 at 6:40pm vs Cincinnati Reds
Wednesday, May 17 at 1:10pm vs. Cincinnati Reds

$55 Infield Lower Level
$37 Club Level, Outfield
$19 Outfield/Corner Outfield Box
$16 Pavilion
$16 Rightfield Mezzanine
$12 Upper Reserved, Infield

Summer Professional Development

by Megan Eikleberry -

Summer Institute at ECBOCES is quickly approaching! Please see the attached flyer for professional development opportunities in June. Stipend and lunch will be available. Please register on the ECBOCES website. 

Summer Flyer

Two Free PD Opportunities for Social Studies

by Megan Eikleberry -

Learn the skills you need to find trustworthy news

How to Find News You Can Trust. Skills for seeking credible information. Free webinar series. Wednesdays. April 12, 19, and 26. 4pm Eastern Time/1pm Pacific Time.

It seems like finding credible information and sources online gets trickier by the day. But when you sign up for our free webinar series How to find news you can trust, you will discover how to outsmart the bad actors that flood our newsfeeds with misinformation.

The series begins a week from today — April 12 — and runs for three consecutive Wednesdays, starting at 4 p.m. ET. Register once for the whole series.


April 12: Session 1 | What is quality journalism?

News outlets help us make informed decisions, but the process of creating news isn’t always transparent. In this session, journalists Brandon Pope of WBEZ Chicago and Molly Parker of Lee Enterprises will discuss how they build credibility and trust with the public and will describe the standards that guide their newsgathering. This session will pull the curtain back on the practice of quality, ethical journalism and its mission to inform us accurately.

Brandon is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated journalist, media critic and columnist, and host of the podcasts On The Block: Powered by Block Club Chicago on CW26 and the MAKING series from WBEZ and NPR. Molly, a ProPublica distinguished fellow, is an investigative reporter with Lee Enterprises’ Public Service Team, where she works with regional reporters in 25 states to produce impactful, data-driven local journalism.

April 19: Session 2 | Understanding news media bias

People frequently perceive and allege bias in news coverage, but what does this really mean? What makes a piece of news biased, and who decides? Journalist Amethyst J. Davis, founder of the Harvey World Herald, a hyperlocal, independent newsroom in Illinois, and Stephanie Casanova of Signal Cleveland, a nonprofit newsroom that fuses community building with local news reporting, join us to discuss how the journalistic standards we learned about in Session 1 can be applied to confront and avoid news bias. This session will empower you to evaluate the fairness, accuracy and objectivity of news coverage.

Amethyst oversees growth and development, including outlining editorial trajectory and content, at the Harvey World Herald. A member of the community advisory board for Chicago Public Media, she is a Casey Fellow with the National Association of Black Journalists Black News & Views. Stephanie is the criminal justice reporter with Signal Cleveland and formerly covered criminal justice and breaking news at the Chicago Tribune.

April 26: Session 3 | How fact-checking works

Fact-checking organizations are taking up the charge to combat the spread of misinformation, debunking some of the most viral content springing up on social media. Fact-checkers Dan Evon of the News Literacy Project and Rafael Olavarría of Factchequeado will talk about their work and share skills that you can use to check the accuracy of information.

Dan debunks viral rumors for NLP’s RumorGuard™ platform, which empowers the public to push back against misinformation. Prior to joining NLP in 2022, Dan worked as a reporter for Snopes, the internet’s oldest fact-checking site. Rafael, a Venezuelan immigrant who fled political persecution, began his journalism career as a producer and writer for CNN and won 11 Southeast Emmy Awards as a multimedia journalist with Univisión.

We hope to see you next week!


For a future founded on facts,
The News Literacy Project

P.S. If you miss one of the sessions, don’t worry, we’ll share recordings of all three.

Second opportunity:

Please join us for our 16-hour in-person Holocaust by Bullets Teacher Workshop for current middle and high school teachers, pre-service teachers who are currently enrolled in an accredited college/university program, and current college/university faculty being held on Friday and Saturday, April 21-22 (at the UNC Lowry Campus in Aurora, CO...more details will be made available after your registration is confirmed). 

 Learn more about this often-forgotten but, essential chapter of Holocaust history, to hear the voices of those who witnessed it.  You will also be introduced to contemporary mass killings, like that of the Mayan populations in Guatemala, and genocides, like that of the Yazidi people in Iraq, both of which have been investigated by Yahad – In Unum’s teams. Please see the attached flyers for information on the specifics of the workshop. This is the same workshop being offered two separate times. Seating will be limited; please register as soon as possible. 

 To register for this FREE seminar, please reply to this email (, and we will send you a very brief questionnaire to fill out; we will then register you for this workshop. Current middle and high school teachers, pre-service teachers who are currently enrolled in an accredited college/university program, and current college/university faculty will be enrolled after completing the questionnaire. 

 NoteThrough a very generous donor, we have funding available to assist in lodging, meals, and transportation costs for a select number of COLORADO registrants only. If you are from out of state, you are still encouraged and welcome to join us, and we will certainly help you plan your travel to be the most cost-effective possible. We truly wish we could offer the travel stipend for all educators; however, at this time, our funding is very specific from our donor. 

 A light breakfast, lunch, and beverages will be offered on both days. More information to come after your registration is confirmed. Vegetarian, Vegan, and Kosher options will be offered. 

 Please reach out with any questions regarding the workshops, logistics, or anything else we may have missed at this time.


Take care and be safe.

 Ewa and Todd

Ewa Schaller & Todd Hennessy

Yahad-In Unum




"…There are already people who think that every Jew who died in the Holocaust died at Auschwitz, died in a concentration camp, died in a gas chamber. No. There's whole chapters of this story."

Daniel Mendelsohn [Author of Lost: A Search of Six of Six Million, 2006]

The U.S. and the Holocaust Documentary, 2022

Episode 3 The Homeless, Tempest Tossed (1942 - )

It is now known that at least one-third of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust perished in the mass shootings perpetrated in Eastern Europe by the Nazi mobile death squads and their collaborators. Father Patrick Desbois and Yahad-In Unum have been documenting, investigating, and recording this chapter of the Holocaust since 2004. Father Desbois and Yahad-In Unum have currently identified over 3,200 execution sites and have interviewed over 7,500 eye-witnesses in eleven countries where the Holocaust by bullets took place. 

 Now, classroom and pre-service teachers can participate in an educational seminar with Yahad-In Unum Educators and Investigators who have directly participated in the investigations of the history of the Holocaust by bullets and the interviews with the eye-witnesses. 


Training Stipends!

by Emma Richardson -

East Central BOCES Is working on sending out stipends for any trainings that offered stipends.  In order to receive a stipend, you need to have completed all the necessary items to receive your certificates.  

You can quickly see which trainings you have completed by clicking on the Certificates Icon on the website home page after you have logged in.  If you are missing a certificate for a training you attended, please go to the page for that training and make sure that you completed the attendance during the training and completed the evaluation.

If you did not check in and submit attendance for a training, you will need to contact the presenter so that they can mark you as attended.  Evaluations can be completed at any time.  There is a link on each page to the requirements for Stipends.  Please make sure that they are completed.

We will pull training completion reports after April 7th so please make sure that all your info is current and requirements met before that date.

Attention Social Studies Teachers!!

by Megan Eikleberry -

Two Free PD Opportunities coming up!

1. We are excited to announce that in cooperation with Echoes and Reflections, the Holocaust Awareness Institute at the University of Denver's Center for Judaic Studies, and Educator Amy McDonald, the Colorado Holocaust Educators are offering a FREE online professional development workshop for current classroom and pre-service teachers on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, from 6:00 - 7:30 PM [MST].

This no-cost online workshop will focus on The history and legacy of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and highlight appropriate rationale and resources available to classroom educators.

  • A brief historical overview of the content and context of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Thoughts on pedagogical approaches and rationale will also be shared.
  • Author and current high school educator, Amy McDonald will share her insight and knowledge of the Warsaw Ghetto through her work…"Word Smugglers: A Story of Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto." Amy will share key points in the story of the Oyneg Shabes archive from the perspectives of Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum, Rachel Auerbach, Israel Lichtenstein, David Graber, and Nahum Grzywacz. It is a story about a courageous group of men, women, and young people who chose to resist and fight back against cruelty and fear. This group did not fight back with guns and weapons. They fought back with words, stories, and truth.

NOTE: The first 25 educators to register AND complete this course will be mailed a copy of Amy McDonald's book, "Word Smugglers: A Story of Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto" (2021).

  •  We will share numerous classroom resources and personal resources to help facilitate your teaching of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. We will highlight the use of Echoes & Reflections' online and interactive "Timeline of the Holocaust," in addition to other resources.
  • An overview of the Holocaust Awareness Institute's"Survival & Witness" website and supporting materials, and the additional resources that the Holocaust Awareness Institute can provide for classroom educators.
Two hours (2) of Professional Development credit will be awarded for completing this workshop.

Link to Flyer

 To register, please email Todd Hennessy at

Please reach out with any questions.

Be safe,

Todd Hennessy

The Colorado Holocaust Educators


2. James Madison Legacy Project Expansion: Empowering High-Need Students for Informed, Thoughtful, and Productive Citizenship

A new free project to empower high-need students through improved professional learning and instruction in the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution curricular program! 

Includes new resources for We the People instruction that foster positive civics and social and emotional learning (SEL) outcomes among English learners, students with disabilities, and students of color.

 Link to Flyer

 Eligible CO Secondary Social Studies Teachers receive a set of classroom books, travel support, and a $1000 completion stipend.

Register today. Limited to 20 Teachers.

52 hrs. of professional learning. Begins with a four-day workshop at History Colorado Center July 17-20, 2023

 Made possible by a US Department of Education Grant received by the Center for Civic Education.

 For more information contact 

 Chris Elnicki (he/him/his)

Executive Director

Colorado Center for Civic Learning and Engagement (C3LE)

A Project of  the Colorado Non Profit Development Center (CNDC)

3D Printer Training with Printer GiveAways!

by Emma Richardson -

On May 3rd, we are offering a 3D printer training.  There will be a chance to win one of five 3D printers during the training as well as 3D printer supplies.  Sign up today on the ECBOCES Website - CLICK HERE for more information.

K-3 Read Act Training for Teachers, District Leaders, and Administrators

by Megan Eikleberry -

Register on the ECBOCES website if you plan on attending this informational session focused on READ Plans. This training does NOT count towards your required 45 hours of READ Act training.

The Colorado Department of Education Office of Elementary Literacy and School Readiness will be providing training on the READ Act on March 29 from 9 am - 3 pm. During this training, the following will be reviewed and discussed:

  • The purpose and history of the READ Act 

  • Key terms and main components of the READ Act 

  • READ Plans

  • Identifying students with a Significant Reading Deficiency (SRD)

  • Building a Body of Evidence

  • Resources available on the CDE website

    This training is for K-3 teachers, district leaders, and admin.

     Lunch will be provided. 

K-3 READ Act Training

by Lorie Coonts -

DATE: Wednesday, March 29, 2023

TIME:  9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. 


LOCATION: East Central BOCES West Training Room


READ Act updates on compliance and creation of READ Plans in grades K-3. The training will give an overview of READ Plans for ELL students, Special Education, SRD, and READ Plans in general. Lunch will be brought in. Get registered now!

English Learner/Multilingual Learner Workshops CDE has purchased through WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment)

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -

Self-Paced Workshops
Woman in yellow sweater types on her laptop keyboard at a table. Behind her is a wall of windows.
Take advantage of practical and engaging professional learning
In case you missed it, you have access to eight free self-paced workshops! Grab your laptop, gather your colleagues who support multilingual learners and dive into practical and engaging learning opportunities. The following self-paced workshops are available through August 31, 2023.
  • Classroom Teachers: Engaging Multilingual Newcomers
  • Making Language Visible: Exploring the Key Language Uses
  • Social Studies: Engaging Multilingual Learners through Inquiry
  • Reframing Education for Long-Term English Learners
  • Engaging Multilingual Learners in Science: Making Sense of Phenomena
  • Developing Language for Learning in Mathematics
  • Home Languages in the Classroom
  • The WIDA ELD Standards Framework: A Collaborative Approach
Learn more on the eLearning webpage where you can find course descriptions, a promotional flyer and PowerPoint slide to help spread the word to colleagues, and more. 

Ready to get started?
  1. Log in to your WIDA Secure Portal account. Don’t have an account yet? Visit your Member/State page to learn how (your district DAC might need to assist you with creating an account).
  2. Locate the course and click on Course Details. Click Enroll Now.
  3. Complete a self-paced workshop and print your certificate.
Questions? Contact the WIDA Client Services Center at 1-866-276-7735 or

With gratitude,
Your friends at WIDA

ATTENTION: REMINDER Upcoming Early Childhood Cluster on Monday, February 27th

by Lorie Coonts -

DATE:  Monday, February 27, 2023

TIME:  5:00 - 8:00 P.M. 

PRESENTER:  Darlene Blackford



On Monday, February 27th, 2023, Early Childhood Cluster is providing training for teachers on “Stop! Listen! Focus!”. The presenter, Darlene Blackford is a movement-educator specialist who has worked with thousands of children in the area of movement education in the classroom. She has developed, implemented, and refined practical and fun strategies that encourage children to move their bodies while learning classroom objectives. Ms. Blackford draws from a rich and diverse background which includes classroom instruction, teacher training, and workshop presenter experience.

This workshop is developed to help teachers practice classroom management in a fun and “user-friendly” way. This training opportunity will be offered on Monday, February 27th, 2023. Zoom will NOT be offered for this session, dinner will be provided so please register ASAP. IMPORTANT: Registration and attendance will be completed using the EC BOCES Website at for electronic check-in. This training will only be provided IN-PERSON only from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.   A $25 stipend will be given to all participants. 

DBQ February Newsletter

by Megan Eikleberry -

DBQ News: Online Support Series

February 2023 - DBQ and Mini-Q Alternative Endings

Do we have to write an essay? Not necessarily!

Do we have to write an essay? Not necessarily! 

The DBQ Project is unapologetically a writing program. We are also a social studies program, a literature program, and a literacy program. Most importantly, the DBQ Project resources are inquiries. Inquiry-based learning not only piques students’ curiosity and engagement but also leads to deeper learning! The DBQ Project offers structured and scaffolded lessons to guide students through this inquiry process culminating in an evidence-based writing exercise. But, writing a 5-paragraph essay is not the only way for students to demonstrate their learning and articulate their arguments. Writing can take many different forms. Have you considered creating an alternative end product for a DBQ or Mini-Q your students are working through? If you are a choice board person or love project-based learning, this is for you! 
Big picture


One-Pagers and Infographics

One-Pagers and Infographics 

One-pagers and infographics are visual, graphic representations of information on a single page. Using this alternate ending students can use images, words, textual evidence in response to the DBQ question. Requirements could include a well-developed thesis statement, background info, 2-4 buckets each supported with textual evidence, and an argumentative statement for each. Variations of this type of end product could include newspaper front pages or advertisements. 
Blogs and Discussion Boards

Blogs and Discussion Boards 

Blogs and discussion platforms allow students to express themselves as they see fit. Rather than having students write a full argumentative essay that answers the DBQ question, have them create blogs or post their thoughts on a discussion board or platform. Each blog or post can be unique, allowing for more authentic writing because they naturally foster a student's voice, style, and thoughts. Variations of this type of end product could include posting on Padlet or creating and posting a Flipgrid
Debates and Scored Discussions

Debates and Scored Discussions 

Debates provide opportunities to practice critical thinking, writing, listening and speaking. Try having students verbally share their opinion debate style using the documents and background in DBQ. Different debate strategies include four-corners debates, philosophical chairs, Socratic seminars, fishbowl and pinwheel discussions, Harkness tables, or one of our favorites, the Socratic Smackdown
Story Boards and Comic Strips

Story Boards and Comic Strips 

Storyboards and comic strips are a great way for students to visually demonstrate their historical understanding of a DBQ. You can go with the traditional paper/colored pencil storyboard strips or use an online platform, such as StoryboardThat. Requirements for a DBQ storyboard might include an introduction and a conclusion frame, at least one frame for each bucket, visuals, and an explanation for each frame with evidence from the documents. An annotated timeline is another possibility here for a more chronological DBQ. 
Unit-Specific End Products

Unit-Specific End Products 

While the above suggestions could be used with most DBQs and Mini-Qs, sometimes units lend themselves to more creative end products. For example, the "fall" of Rome mini-Q looks at the collapse, or death, of an empire. After analyzing the documents, have students complete an autopsy report on the Roman Empire. Historical report cards and "hall of fame" plaques are a fun way to evaluate individuals in history, such as Alexander the Great or Sam Houston. Students could create recruitment posters to stay at Valley Forge or travel posters touting the benefits of Constantinople or living in the Soviet Union. Scrapbooks or photo essays work great for the journaling DBQs. The possibilities and creativity are endless. 
TED Talks, Podcasts, & Digital Presentations

TED Talks, Podcasts, & Digital Presentations 

For your more creative students, and time permitting, these types of alternative endings provide students with a way to demonstrate their learning, and arguments, in a 21st-century way. These are more complex and definitely take more time, so keep that in mind if students go this route. But, the visual and verbal production allows students to bring in their own voice, style, backgrounds, and personalities. A DBQ/Mini-Q also serves as the perfect jumping-off point for the different History Fair categories. 
Choice Boards

Choice Boards 

A choice board is a grid of different end products that allow students to choose a way to demonstrate their learning and make their argument about a DBQ. 

To the right is an example of an elementary choice board. Imali created this for the "How Did the Buffalo Shape Arapaho Culture?" Mini-Q using a few of the alternative endings mentioned above.

Celebrating Black History Month 

Gallery image
Gallery image
Gallery image
Gallery image
Gallery image
Gallery image


DBQ-U 101 Self-Paced Introductory Course

DBQ-U 101 Self-Paced Introductory Course 

DBQ101 is a self-paced professional development course that familiarizes teachers with The DBQ Project Method and teaches them how to make the process engaging and powerful for students. It is designed to replicate our full-day introductory workshops. Participants will work through the steps of The DBQ Project Method at their own pace, pausing to reflect and practice along the way. Teachers will first experience a DBQ from the student perspective, learning what it is like to learn with a DBQ, before transitioning to the teacher perspective to learn how to build a unit and support their students. Two winter windows are open for registration at no cost to online subscribers. Each course window will remain open for one month to complete. Winter courses will launch on FEBRUARY 14, and MARCH 14. (If these windows don't work for you, we can also set up a course just for your district or school.) 

*ECBOCES has some stipends available for completion of the self-paced course. Reach out to Megan Eikleberry at if you have questions. 

Upcoming Early Childhood Cluster - STOP! LISTEN! FOCUS!

by Lorie Coonts -


DATE:  Monday, February 27, 2023

TIME:  5:00 - 8:00 P.M. 

PRESENTER:  Darlene Blackford



On Monday, February 27th, 2023, Early Childhood Cluster is providing training for teachers on “Stop! Listen! Focus!”. The presenter, Darlene Blackford is a movement-educator specialist who has worked with thousands of children in the area of movement education in the classroom. She has developed, implemented, and refined practical and fun strategies that encourage children to move their bodies while learning classroom objectives. Ms. Blackford draws from a rich and diverse background which includes classroom instruction, teacher training, and workshop presenter experience.

This workshop is developed to help teachers practice classroom management in a fun and “user-friendly” way. This training opportunity will be offered on Monday, February 27th, 2023. Zoom will NOT be offered for this session, dinner will be provided so please register ASAP

IMPORTANT: Registration and attendance will be completed using the EC BOCES Website at for electronic check-in. This training will be provided IN-PERSON only from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.   A $25 stipend will be given to all participants. 

Problem Based Learning Training Workshop with Free Robot for your Classroom

by Emma Richardson -

East Central BOCES has some great Problem Based Learning Trainings coming up next week!

On Wednesday 15th February, there is a one hour remote training giving an overview of how to implement PBL in your math classroom with Kristen Eveland.  There is a $25.00 stipend for this training. More details can be found HERE.

On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February, MindSpark Learning is coming and hosting a two day workshop that will give you all the tools to start a great problem based learning project in your classroom.  This project will be focused on Bee Pollination and can be used in all subject areas.  During the training, teachers will have the opportunity to use Dash Robots and the first 20 signed up (five spots still available!!) will be able to take a robot back to their classroom.  There will be other random giveaways during the training including the chance to win a Surface Pro!  Register today HERE.

READ Act and English Learners CDE Webinar Trainings on Feb. 9 and Feb 23

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -
READ Act and English Learners

The CDE ELSR (Elementary Literacy and School Readiness) Team hosts office hours twice a month on Thursdays from 3-4 p.m. to discuss topics related to the READ Act. Below each topic listed on the web page, is the corresponding guidance document and/or video; participants are supposed to review the resources before the trainings. Questions from district educators must be submitted one week prior to the date of the scheduled office hours.  There is a place on the webpage, "Topic Questions Submission"; where participants are required to share their questions in advance.  CDE staff will not be providing in-depth instruction on the featured topic; but will use the time to review the questions submitted a week in advance.

Participants must register through the CDE webpage provided at the link at the top of this email.  Go to the webpage and choose the date and topic for which you would like to attend. Click on the date and a registration form will come up on your screen.


by Lorie Coonts -

On Monday, January 30, 2023, Early Childhood Cluster is providing training for teachers on “Self-Regulation and Early Childhood Training”. The presenter, Brittany Healy an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant from Aurora Mental Health Center. This training will focus on the development of self-regulation in young children and what factors impact that skill growth. Participants will discover what age-appropriate self-regulation looks like at multiple early childhood stages, as well as how to develop self-regulation in young children by using coregulation. This training opportunity will be offered on Monday, January 30th, 2022, via ZOOM 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (1 1/2 hours)

Brittany will complete the Architecture of the Brain game online with participants to give a hands-on understanding of how regulation develops. Please have materials such as pipe cleaner, straws, and string handy in order to participate.  

If you plan to participate and have not yet registered, please go to the calendar and click on the event  and register.  

Project-Based Learning for 6-12 Rescheduled!

by Megan Eikleberry -

Starr Sackstein's PBL session that was cancelled because of the snow storms last week has been rescheduled for Jan. 31st from 4:15-5:15. Please register on the ECBOCES website if you plan to attend!

New Training Dates for Problem Based Learning and Robotics Training

by Emma Richardson -

We have revised dates on the calendar for our MindSpark trainings.  The Problem Based Learning two day training that was scheduled for the end of next week will not be offered on February 16th and 17th.  The Robotics Training that was cancelled in December will no be offered on February 24th.

All original registrations are still in place for these two trainings but please be sure to cancel if you registered before and cannot attend now.  We also do have seats remaining in both trainings and these are sure to be great trainings and will both have lots of giveaways including one or two Surface Pro laptops!

The trainings can be found at the links below:

2/16/23 & 2/17/23 Problem Based Learning

2/24/23 Robotics

Please be sure to register on the ECBOCES Website.

READ Act Update and Information from CDE

by Megan Eikleberry -

Amendments to the READ Act (SB19-199 and SB22-004) require that K-3 teachers who provide literacy instruction, 4-12 reading interventionists, and school administrators (including principals) must complete training to meet the requirements of the READ Act. The Literacy Team in the Office of Elementary Literacy and School Readiness will host biweekly, live informational webinars to provide updates on the READ Act teacher and school administrator trainings.

For information about dates and times for these webinars, please visit the CDE web page titled: READ Act Webinars.

If you have further questions, please contact 

Register by Jan 8th for CLD-GT Courses

by Jodi Church -

Happy Friday!

Just a reminder: Registration for three Culturally and Linguistically Diverse AND Gifted courses will close on January 8th. The online (and self-paced) courses will open on January 9th. Take one or take all three! See the course flyer for more details. Contact Jodi at with questions. 

Jodi Church 

ECBOCES Website Login

by Emma Richardson -

We have changed our login process to the ECBOCES website.  Your account info has not been affected but we have had report login problems.

When you go to our website, please use the ECBOCES Login button.  This should direct you to a screen to enter your email or username.  Once you enter that, you should get a screen that prompts for your password and will then log you into the site.  (For those that had their login credentials saved so that they autofill, this will no longer do that when you first use this new process and you will need to know what your login info is.)

Sometimes you might see a session error.  If this happens, normally clicking the ECBOCES login button at the bottom of that page will direct you to the username screen.

We have had a few report that they are getting a page not available error.  If this happens, please clear your browser cache and return to the ECBOCES website and try the process again.

If you still are having problems, please submit a ticket at

We apologize for the inconvenience.  We have changed our process to a Single Sign On login that will allow one login to access multiple ECBOCES services.


by Lorie Coonts -

We want to congratulate Craig Bailey, East Central BOCES Director of Financial Services, on his recent marriage to Marissa!  We are so happy for the both of you and wish you the best that life has to offer!!  

The DBQ Project- Winter 2022-23 Newsletter

by Megan Eikleberry -

ECBOCES has access to the online binders. If you teach Social Studies or English (4-12) and you do not have an account to access the DBQ binders and are interested in, please reach out to Megan Eikleberry at

DBQ News

The DBQ Project - Winter 2022-23 Newsletter

Big picture

The DBQ Project is Disciplinary Literacy in Context 

It is a well-established point that teaching reading and comprehension strategies out of context is inefficient and ineffective for most students. Though the importance of learning to read in a context is well-documented, many teachers and school leaders continue to emphasize intervention strategies that do not build the content knowledge students need to move forward.

Elementary students with rich social studies instruction score almost 25% higher on literacy exams than their counterparts (CCSSO). Robert Marzano repeatedly emphasizes the importance of social studies instruction for building strong vocabulary. Students with strong content backgrounds score higher on the SAT and ACT than students who lack content knowledge. 

Paragraph picture

The DBQ Project Approach

For years, the DBQ Project has been designing high quality content literacy lessons for social studies and English language arts. All of our lessons are inquiry-based and student-centered. As students grapple with a compelling question, they read and analyze a series of documents. Ultimately, students draw their own informed conclusions about the central question.

  • Our Six-Step Method breaks down what is normally a complex process into manageable, concrete steps.
  • Curious? Watch this quick video to learn from Dr. Laura Bacon and Sabrina Buggs about what happened in Aiken County a couple of years ago. Did you say scores increased 9.6%? In secondary? Yes. That happened. 
Staff Pick: The Louisiana Territory: Would You Have Supported the Purchase?

Staff Pick: The Louisiana Territory: Would You Have Supported the Purchase? 

Often students approach history as being an inevitable trajectory of events, as if it was all predestined. This sense of inevitability can make history seem a bit boring. But the progress of history was not preordained, rather it’s been ripe with uncertainty and controversy. Such is the case with the Louisiana Purchase.

The new Mini-Q, The Louisiana Territory: Would You Have Supported the Purchase?, brings this pivotal and uncertain moment in history to life, and helps kids understand the controversial nature of this event. Through a series of six documents, students consider the the native tribes occupying the vast Louisiana territory, and the economic incentives and disincentives surrounding the purchase. Further, students explore the rift between Federalist and Jeffersonian Democrats, as well as the constitutionality of the purchase.

In the end, students walk away with a deep understanding of a moment in history when our nation was at an important crossroads.

Big picture
New Mini-Q's in American History

New Mini-Q's in American History 

New American History units are here... We are excited about the addition of our New Mini-Qs in American History Volume 1 and New Mini-Qs in American History Volume 2 binders! These new binders provide an additional 27 units of content and supplement our original American History binders. Please click on the button below for more information on these new binders. 

New Features and Updates 

Side-by-Side Document Analysis
Assignment Sharing
Essay Builder +

Side-by-Side Document Analysis 

Assignment Sharing 

Essay Builder + 

The DBQ Project Tech Team, along with Sealworks Interactive Studies, have been busy making improvements, adding some updates, and designing new features in DBQ Online for this school year. This summer we added three new components into the DBQ Online platform, including...

  • Essay Builder + Teachers can now customize the language and structure of the essay builder all the way through the outline.
  • Side-by-Side Document Analysis Students will now see the Document Analysis Questions and Document Analysis Sheets next to the documents themselves!
  • Enhanced Assignment Sharing Teachers can now share assignments with anyone in their district (including district administrators) with one email click!

It Was Wonderful to See Everyone at NCSS! 

Gallery image
Gallery image
Gallery image

The DBQ Project

The DBQ Project 

"Helping ALL students read smart, think straight, and write clearly"

High School Teachers: Virtual Biotech Training - Stipend & Credit Available

by Megan Eikleberry -

The Colorado BioScience Institute has a virtual high school science teacher training, specific to Biotechnology, coming up this winter (info below).



Grow Your Biotech Classroom Lab Skills


High School Virtual Teacher Training: Biotechnology in the Classroom 

Interactive virtual sessions:

January 11th 4PM-6PM

January 18th 4PM-6PM

January 25th 4PM-6PM

February 1st 4PM-6PM



$400 stipend paid to participants upon completion of the course.

*Teachers must plan to teach in 2022/23 to quality and attend all four sessions for the full stipend



 0.5 Graduate Level Continuing Education Credit offered from Colorado School of Mines (tuition covered by the Institute)

*Teachers must attend all four session for 0.5 credit


Connect and build your community of practice with other Colorado educators teaching biotechnology! This is a unique opportunity for high school teachers to earn a stipend, credit, and classroom supplies all while learning virtually. 


The Biotechnology Experiences in the Classroom (Amgen Biotech Experience/LabXchange) teacher professional development program will provide high school science teachers the opportunity to learn a molecular biology curriculum designed to introduce students to the excitement of scientific discovery in the field of biotechnology. The curriculum is designed to allow teachers to have the opportunity to explore the methods scientists use to create biotechnology medicines.


You will have the opportunity to learn the Biotech Experience labs and lessons through a virtual experience utilizing ready-for-classroom materials. Through guest speakers, you will hear experts and employees in the local biotech industry share their insights. Through this course, you will gain valuable knowledge of the Biotech field to share with your students. 


Whether you are experienced with biotech or brand-new, we have an onramp for everyone!


Limited availability: This course has sold out previously — Apply now! Deadline December 22nd. 



Generous support for the Biotechnology Experience in the Classrooms training is provided by the Amgen Foundations and the Medtronic Foundation. 

What Participants Are Saying


“I think this is the most valuable PD I have ever been to in terms of increasing my abilities specifically as a science content teacher and gave me so much help in planning and executing my curriculum.”

Teacher, Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, AP Biology





The Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides educational activities and opportunities for individuals and companies, students and educators related to the life science industry in Colorado.



Great Professional Development Opportunity

by Emma Richardson -

East Central BOCES has a great relationship with KAIDE (the Kansas version of VNETS).  Each year, they put on a Professional Development In Service day that offers a great amount of resources for any teachers or facilitators that work with Distance Learning - (of course that was everyone a couple of years ago!)

They have invited East Central BOCES members to participate remotely (or in person if you want a trip to Kansas!) in this inservice day free of charge.  The inservice is on January 23rd from 8am to 3pm.  ECBOCES will work with KAIDE to offer CE credit.

I have attached the flyer for the event.  If you have any questions about it, please contact Emma Richardson (

Upcoming Early Childhood Cluster

by Lorie Coonts -

On Monday, January 30, 2023, Early Childhood Cluster is providing training for teachers on “Self-Regulation and Early Childhood Training”. The presenter, Brittany Healy an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant from Aurora Mental Health Center. This training will focus on the development of self-regulation in young children and what factors impact that skill growth. Participants will discover what age-appropriate self-regulation looks like at multiple early childhood stages, as well as how to develop self-regulation in young children by using coregulation. This training opportunity will be offered on Monday, January 30th, 2022, via Zoom.

If you plan to attend, please get registered ASAP.  A $25 stipend will be paid to all those who attend the whole 3 hour training. 

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse AND Gifted Courses

by Jodi Church -

Hello ECBOCES Educators, 

Are you looking for strategies to use with high achieving CLD students? Three 15-hour online, self-paced courses on supporting gifted and high potential CLD students will be offered starting Jan 9th. Participate in one or all three. By completing all three courses, you can earn up to 45 hours to fulfill the CLD re-licensure requirement. 

There is a $50 fee per course due at registration but ECBOCES will reimburse your course fee(s) upon completion of course requirements. See flyer for more information. You can register now using the link on the flyer. 

Contact Jodi Church at with questions. 

CLD - GT Courses Flyer Spring 2023

Robotics Training this Friday is Cancelled

by Emma Richardson -

Due to unforeseen circumstances, MindSpark has had to cancel the training on Friday.  We will be rescheduling and will let you all know when the new date will be.  We apologize for the short notice and the inconvenience.

Don't forget to sign up for Robotics this Friday and get a free Sphero Sprk Robot!

by Emma Richardson -

We still have slots available for this Friday's great Robotics training with MindSpark Learning.  Not only will the first 20 receive a Sphero Sprk Robot for their classroom but there will be a few other surprise giveaways as well.  Sign up today to take advantage of this great opportunity!  For all teachers, K-12.

Professional Development Reminder

by Megan Eikleberry -
There are two Zoom PD opportunities tomorrow, Nov. 29th!

  • Rescheduled PD for ALL: Scaffolding in Instruction: How to Support Low Level Readers. Zoom from 4:15-6:15.
  • Applying Mathematical Practices through Project-Based Learning K-12. Zoom 4:15-5:15 ($25 stipend included)

Make sure you register if you plan on attending! 

Free Robot for your Classroom!

by Emma Richardson -

MindSpark Learning has two great trainings coming up!  The first one is a robotics training on December 2nd and if you are among the first twenty to sign up, you will received a Sphero Sprk for your classroom.  Click HERE to register.

The second training is a two day Problem Based Learning training on January 19th and 20th.  You will walk away from this training with ideas/lesson plans/all you need to get started on this engaging method of getting your students involved in their learning.  The first 20 for this training will also receive a Sphero Sprk robot. Click HERE to register.

REMINDER: English Language Learner PD This Week!

by Megan Eikleberry -

Just a reminder we have two EL PD sessions this week. If you are looking for strategies to support your English Language students, make sure you register on our website. There will be a $25 stipend offered for each session. 

Tuesday, Nov. 15th- Help! I Have a Newcomer in Elementary with Beth Skelton. 

Wednesday, Nov. 16th- Assist-Based Instruction for Multilingual Learners with Rachel Fairchild. 

DBQ November News Letter

by Megan Eikleberry -

A message from Beth Montgomery:
Happy November! Many of you are diving into writing instruction now that the year is off and running. Check this out for ideas to reduce grading time and increase the effectiveness of feedback.

DBQ News: Online Support Series

If AP Readers only spend 2-3 minutes scoring a DBQ essay, what are you doing?
You know you are a teacher, when you bring your bag home each night full of papers to grade, fall asleep and never get to it, and then do the same thing the next night. It's a daunting challenge that all teachers of writing face. Having students write means having to score/grade that writing. This month's DBQ Online support newsletter addresses those concerns. We hope this is helpful in speeding up the grading process and taking some of the fears away.
Reduce Grading Time Through Rainbow Editing

Rainbow highlighting is a color-coded system that gives the writer a way to check their work for errors. It is a strategy designed to help students identify the elements of a proficient essay in their essays, each other’s essays, or sample essays. Students are to highlight each element of a proficient essay in a different color. Students can rainbow highlight their own papers in order to see what revisions need to take place. This strategy can also be done during a peer editing session. Highlighted papers also allow the teacher to draw their attention directly to what is being scored, what the student is interpreting as an element of a proficient essay, and cuts the grading time in half.

file type: pdfDBQ Online Rainbow Codes.pdf
337.1 KB

Why Rubrics and Scoring Guides?

Rubrics and scoring guides provide students with a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Students have concrete directions about what makes a good science project, a good persuasive writing piece, etc... Many studies have proven that rubrics improve students' end products and thus increase the students' overall learning. Rubrics and scoring guides provide students with valuable information about the degree to which a specific learning outcome has been achieved. They provide students with concrete feedback that displays areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. Students can use this feedback as a tool to further develop their abilities.

Rubrics and Scoring Guides in DBQ Online
DBQ Online contains the four main rubrics and scoring guides that are featured in the Teacher Toolkit section of the DBQ binders. The two rubrics include a comprehensive and a holistic rubric. The two scoring guides include a self-check guide and a one-point scoring guide. Both scoring guides provide opportunities for students to self-score before the teacher scores. Mollie does a great job going over each rubric and scoring guide in this screencast.
Customizing Rubrics in DBQ Online
One of the new features added this past summer with DBQ Online is the ability for teachers and administrators to customize rubrics. Teachers and administrators will be able to create customized rubrics to score student work directly on the platform. Click HERE to view a short video of the features included in this summer's DBQ Online update. The video below explains how to use customized rubrics in the DBQ Online platform.
How To Customize Rubrics in DBQ Online

For More on Giving Feedback in DBQ Online, Click Here


Did you know that you can save and apply frequently made comments using our Custom Comment feature? We have preloaded some comments, but you can edit and add to the list to address your students’ specific needs. Using a comment bank can be a HUGE time saver, and still allows you to provide meaningful feedback to your students. Watch the video below to get an idea of just how much time it can save you.

Click to play: Comment time

DBQ 101 Asynchronous Introductory Course
DBQ101 is a self-paced professional development course that familiarizes teachers with The DBQ Project Method and teaches them how to make the process engaging and powerful for students. It is designed to replicate our full-day introductory workshops. Participants will work through the steps of The DBQ Project Method at their own pace, pausing to reflect and practice along the way. Teachers will first experience a DBQ from the student perspective, learning what it is like to learn with a DBQ, before transitioning to the teacher perspective to learn how to build a unit and support their students. Two fall windows are open for registration at no cost to online subscribers. Courses will launch on November 8 and December 13. Each course window will remain open for one month to complete.
Register for the Introductory Course

Missed Last Month's Newsletter? Click Here!

Rescheduled PD for All: Scaffolding Reading Instruction When a Student is Below Grade Level

by Beverly Blagg -

The PD for All Training- Scaffolding Reading Instruction When a Student is Below Grade Level that was scheduled for October 26th has been rescheduled for November 29th. If you had registered for the training your registration has been transferred over. If you are unable to attend on November 29th please go to the EC BOCES website and cancel your registration. If you did not previously register for the training on October 26th but would like to participate in the training go to the EC BOCES website and register for the training. The training will be from 4:15-6:15 via Zoom. 


by Lorie Coonts -

PD for ALL # 2 - Scaffolding in Instruction:  How to Support Low Level Readers has been canceled due to illness.  We will be rescheduling this at a later date.  Thank you. 


by Lorie Coonts -

He included a handout as well as a google drive. 

Madison Copeland is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 930 6323 1157
One tap mobile
+17193594580,,93063231157# US
+16699006833,,93063231157# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location
        +1 719 359 4580 US
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 444 9171 US
        +1 646 931 3860 US
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
        +1 309 205 3325 US
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 386 347 5053 US
        +1 564 217 2000 US
        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 930 6323 1157
Find your local number:

2 Attachments • Scanned by Gmail


Free Online Depth & Complexity Resources

by Jodi Church -

ECBOCES educators have access to online Depth & Complexity Resources!

These are for teachers and students and you do not need prior D&C training to use these. There are five online trainings showing how to use the tools and videos. These live trainings will be recorded and educators will receive one CEU for each training. Let me know if you would like to receive links to the recorded trainings. See the flyer below. 

Online trainings:
To register for access to the videos and free tools: 
1. To access the online tools, please register here: COLORADO DEPTH & COMPLEXITY SOFTWARE REGISTRATION PAGE
2. To access the Video Library, please register here COLORADO STATE DCF VIDEO LIBRARY ACCOUNT REGISTRATION link
  • Once you are registered, bookmark this login page: DEPTH AND COMPLEXITY VIDEO LIBRARY LOGIN PAGE
  • If you are prompted to log in, once logged in, you still must paste the registration link into your web address bar in order to join our Colorado group.

3.Student Access - If you want students to access the tools, it is recommended that you set up a second, student-specific account.  All of the students can use the same account. You will need an additional email address (it can be fake) and a password. 

4. If you have tech or login issues, please email  

For general questions please contact Jodi Church at

Visible Learning for Social Studies K-12

by Megan Eikleberry -

We will be starting a book study with Stephanie Hartman from CDE focusing on Visible Learning for Social Studies. If you would like to be apart of the books study please email Megan Eikleberry at so I can get a book ordered for you!

Visible Learning for Social Studies, Grades K-12

Help students move from surface-level learning to the transfer of understanding.

How do social studies teachers maximize instruction to ensure students are prepared for an informed civic life? VISIBLE LEARNING® for Social Studies, Grades K-12 shows how the field is more than simply memorizing dates and facts—it encapsulates the skillful ability to conduct investigations, analyze sources, place events in historical context, and synthesize divergent points of view.

The Visible Learning framework demonstrates that learning is not an event, but rather a process in which students move from surface-level learning to deep learning, and then onto the transfer of concepts, skills, and strategies. Encouraging learners to explore different facets of society, history, geography, and more, best practices for applying visible learning to social studies curriculum are presented through:

·         A scaffolded approach, including surface-level learning, deep learning, and transfer of learning

·         Examples of strategies, lessons, and activities best suited for each level of learning

·         Planning tools, rubrics, and templates to guide instruction

Teachers must understand the impact they have on students and select approaches to maximize that impact. This book will guide you through the process of identifying the right strategy for the right time to successfully move students through surface, deep, and transfer learning.

Book Study Zoom dates from 4:15-5:15:

Jan. 18th- Ch. 1
Feb. 22nd- Ch. 2
March 29th- Ch. 3
April 26th- Ch. 4 and 5

Depth & Complexity Courses

by Jodi Church -

If you're looking for differentiation strategies to use with your students, Depth & Complexity is your answer! The Depth & Complexity framework can be used in any content area and at any grade level. The best part is that the strategies and resources can be put to use immediately and can be used successfully with your current curriculum and with all students. 

See the flyer for more information and contact Jodi at with questions. 

Depth & Complexity Course Flyer

Help! I have a Newcomer in Secondary

by Megan Eikleberry -
REMINDER!! Zoom session from 4:15-5:15 for secondary teachers. 

Do you have students new to English in your content classroom? Join Beth Skelton as she provides concrete, practical strategies for making grade level content lessons comprehensible for students even on the first day. In this interactive session, you will experience learning content in a new language and apply those strategies to your own lessons. A $25 stipend will be given to those who attend. 

Upcoming Early Childhood Cluster

by Lorie Coonts -

Early Childhood Cluster is providing training for teachers on "SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) for Preschool". The presenter, Bill Brown is an Affective Needs/Serious Emotional Disability Consultant from Colorado Department of Colorado. This training opportunity will be offered on Monday, October 24, 2022, via Zoom.

Worlking Collaboratively to Create IEPs

by Beverly Blagg -

East Central BOCES is providing training for parents and teachers on "Working Collaboratively to Create IEPs. The presenter, Tracy Gershwin is an Intervention Specialist and Applied Behavior Analysis from the School of Special Education at UNC.  This training opportunity will be offered on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, from 4:30-5:15 via Zoom. To join the meeting click on this link: https://ECBOCES.ZOOM.US./J/96153784112

If you have questions please reach out to Bev Blagg at 719-740-0544.

Please Ignore previous Upcoming Event reminder

by Emma Richardson -
Earlier today, our website inadvertently sent out a reminder for an event.  We apologize for any confusion.  Please ignore the email - it was due to an event that was apparently set up in error.  

November 4, 2022 CPI Initial Class Added

by Beverly Blagg -

After hearing a need from districts we added a CPI Initial training on November 4, 2022.  Register for this training on the East Central BOCES website prior to October 21, 2022, to allow sufficient time to complete the virtual portion of the training. If we do not have 6 participants signed up for the course by October 21, 2022, the class may be canceled.

The intent and philosophy of CPI are to provide the best care, welfare, safety, and security at any given moment to the individuals in your charge even in violent moments. 

Registration: Please register online at Please make sure your email address is correct or one that you check often as a portion of the class will be completed online. The link will be sent to this email address from CPI Learning (no affiliation with ECBOCES).  The last day to register for each class is 2 weeks prior to the in-person class.  No online module links will be sent out after this date.

Fee for EC BOCES districts: Initial Certification - $43 Recertification - $38 

Location: All trainings are in a blended format with a portion completed online and finishing training at the East Central BOCES Training Room.  Online module completion is required to participate in the in-person training.

Attire: Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes.

Contact CPI Certified Instructors: JoDee Ellis -                                                             Callie

In an effort to meet the Colorado State Board of Education Rules for the Administration of the Protection of Persons from Restraint Act, specifically: R-2.03 Staff Training – “All public educational programs shall ensure that staff utilizing restraint in schools or facilities are trained.” 

Training shall include "2.03(1) a continuum of prevention techniques; 2.03(2) environmental management; 2.03(3) a continuum of de-escalation techniques; 2.03(4) nationally recognized physical management and restraint, including, but not limited to, techniques that allow restraint in an upright or sitting position; 2.03(5) methods to explain the use of restraint to the student who is to be restrained and to the individual’s family; 2.03(6) and appropriate documentation and notification procedures.” 

DBQ Project at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

by Megan Eikleberry -

Please see the attached flyer if you are interested in this professional development opportunity. 

The museum is generously offering an additional benefit to teachers who participate in this program.  This workshop will qualify them to borrow artifacts from the museum's teaching collection for their classroom use. 

Quick Facts:
October 9, 2022
9 a.m. -1:30 p.m. 
Lunch and light breakfast included
Behind-the-scenes tour of museum's archaeology and anthropology collection
Certificate Verifying  Attendance

DBQ Flyer

Help! I have a Newcomer English Learner in my Secondary class!

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -

10/11/2022 - Help! I have a Newcomer English Learner in my Secondary Class!

This will be a Zoom event.

DATE: Tuesday, October 11, 2022 

TIME: 4:15 - 5:30 P.M. 

PRESENTER: Beth Skelton 

DESCRIPTION: Do you have students new to English in your content classroom? This session provides concrete, practical strategies for making grade level content lessons comprehensible for students even on the first day. In this interactive session, you will experience learning content in a new language and apply those strategies to your own lessons. Make sure you register on the EC BOCES website if you plan to attend to get the Zoom link.

Welcome to DBQ Online

by Megan Eikleberry -

If you teach Social Studies or English and have not registered for DBQ Online, please follow the instructions below to access some amazing resources!
We're excited to work with you and help you get started with our platform. Below are several resources to help you launch the year.

For Teachers:

  • Teacher Login Instructions via Google (image below)
  • Getting Started Guide (download)

To Share with Students:

Once you've logged in, you're ready to set up classes and create assignments! Click the button below to learn how to get started with DBQ Online.
Check out our Getting Started Guide!
Looking for more help? We offer weekly, hour long demos to help teachers learn to use DBQ Online.
Sign-Up for a Demo


Getting Started Guide
Student Login Instructions


by Lorie Coonts -

The following are upcoming Paraprofessional Clusters and their topics: 

Sept. 19, 4:30 - 6:30 P.M. - over Zoom

Rescheduled from September 1st.  Roles and Responsibilities of a Classroom Paraprofessional!  

Oct. 3rd, 4:30-6:30 - over Zoom
Callie Dolan, a Family Resource Specialist for East Central BOCES will present on behaviors in students. She will discuss possible reasons for students to have behaviors and ways to minimize unwanted behaviors. She will also discuss strategies that can be used "in the moment" to help the student regulate their emotions and behaviors. 

Jan 10th, 4:30-6:30 - over Zoom
Kyle Pocock, a Family Resource Specialist for East Central BOCES will present on the triggers of trauma and appropriate ways to respond to those triggers.  Having an understanding of general trauma and triggers can help para educators mitigate potential behavior responses in students and create a safer more successful learning environment.

Register to attend so you can get the link for Zoom and a certificate for certification!  

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

by Megan Eikleberry -


                           For kids from birth-age 5

Kit Carson and Lincoln County have recently been added to receive this program. 

The mission of the Imagination Library of Colorado is to increase literacy by ensuring all young children across the state may participate in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. 

Our goal is to provide support to current affiliates and launch new affiliates so all children in Colorado have access. 

We know that reading begins at birth, that the benefits of a home library go far beyond the books, and that parents and guardians are a child’s first and best teacher. By providing books every month at no cost to families, the Imagination Library increases childhood literacy rates, fosters a love of books, and promotes a culture of reading among all families in Colorado.

  • Imagination Library books are specially selected age-appropriate, high-quality titles.
  • Our books are delivered to registered children each month from birth to age five.
  • Each book is personalized with the child’s name and mailed directly to the child’s home.
  • This creates a gifting experience, making books exciting, showing the child someone is thinking of them. 

Share this with families in your communities, friends with young kids, or sign up your own young kids for free! Click on the link below and select enroll

English Learners: Redesignation, Screening and Identification Zoom: Join us on Wednesday, September 7

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -

DATE: Wednesday, September 7, 2022 

Register on the EC BOCES website

TIME: 4:15 - 5:15 P.M. PRESENTER: JoAnn Anderson EC BOCES ELL Consultant -facilitated by EC BOCES Title III Coordinator Mitzi Swiatkowski 


Hi All,

As school district instructional teams begin reviewing their Home Language Surveys, screening students, determining language proficiency designations of students and notifying parents, many teams have questions about the process, or a specific situation.  Please join us tomorrow (Wednesday) if you have questions or would like to take part in the presentation, discussion and Q & A.

EL Consultant, JoAnn Anderson will review English learner identification requirements, in addition to information about data needed for Data Pipeline and other State and Federal guidance and obligations to be considered when serving English learners. There will be time for questions at the end of the session.

Upcoming SPED Fall Inservice

by Lorie Coonts -

DATE: Wednesday, October 12, 2022    

TIME: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

PRESENTER: FBA-Bill Brown, CDE Consultant  Nicole Kollath, and Leah Price Sped Coordinators. 
Sped Updates; Nicole Kollath, Leah Price, Moira Hawks, and Beverly Blagg

REQUIRED FOR: SpEd Teachers and Related Service Providers ONLY!!

LOCATION: East Central BOCES West Training Room
DESCRIPTION: NO ZOOM WILL BE OFFERED Topic is Functional Behavior Assessments - including discussions on replacement behaviors, data collection, interpretation of data, and related service providers' support.   Special education updates will include a review of the new sped teacher planning manual.  Lunch and recertification credit will be provided. 

Please Register on the website: by Tuesday, October 4, 2022 so we have a count for food and materials.  If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Grimes at 719-775-2342 ext. 101

Reschedule Para-Professional Cluster

by Lorie Coonts -

Hello Paras,

Last night's para cluster, Roles, Responsibilities and Confidentiality had some technical difficulties. This training has been rescheduled for Monday, September 19th from 4:30 - 6:30 P.M. 

I apologize to those who were trying to log on and couldn't.  I believe the situation is now resolved.

I look forward to seeing you over zoom on the 19th.  If you have not already registered, please do so ASAP.  

Please share with your colleagues.  Principals share this information with all new para-professionals.

Grant Opportunity - free tools for your classroom!

by Emma Richardson -

For the past few years, we have been able to provide professional development in Computer Science related areas (Robotics, 3D Printing, etc) and been able to provide some tools for your classrooms.  As I get ready to submit another application, I would request that you take a couple of minutes to complete this very brief survey to help me meet your needs in this area.


Thank you.

MSU Denver Trauma-Informed Practices 4-Part Series

by Beverly Blagg -

MSU Denver is offering a free 4-part Trauma-Informed Practices training series. We were fortunate to be able to collaborate with MSU Denver and North East BOCES to have Part 1 of the series presented as our first PD for All Cluster to be held on September 22, 2022, via Zoom. The topic of this session is Understanding Trauma and Stress. To register for this training go to the calendar at the EC BOCES website.

MSU Denver would like to give BOCES and District Staff priority to register for the following 3 sessions that are part of the 4-part series. To save the date for the follow-up sessions go to:  

Anyone who attends all four training sessions is eligible to attend a week-long Training of Trainers Training offered during summer 2023. EC BOCES would like to support a team in attending the Training of Trainers. EC BOCES would pay for lodging and meals for participants to attend the Training of Trainers and would provide compensation when you train others within the EC BOCES Administrative Unit. 

If you are interested in being a part of EC BOCES Training of Trainers make plans to attend the 4-part series and contact Beverly Blagg at or 719-740-0544. 

Zoom Account Login Process

by Emma Richardson -

There have been changes made to the Zoom Login process and you are ONLY able to login using SSO login.  The first time that you use SSO login, it will prompt for a domain - please type ecboces in this box and then login with your ECBOCES login info.  This will only affect people that were using Google login to access their Zoom account. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but the ECBOCES SSO login will also give you access to our website and the helpdesk without the need to login again.  On both of these sites, just use the ECBOCES SSO button to automatically log you in to these sites.

If you have any trouble, please put in a ticket at our helpdesk ( or email

Thank you.

English Learners: Redesignation, Screening and Identification Zoom

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -

DATE: Wednesday, September 7, 2022 

TIME: 4:15 - 5:15 P.M. PRESENTERS: JoAnn Anderson EC BOCES ELL Consultant and Title III Coordinator Mitzi Swiatkowski 


DESCRIPTION: If you would like to review, or have questions about the redesignation, screening, and identification of English learners, this is the Zoom for you. EL Consultant, JoAnn Anderson and coordinator, Mitzi Swiatkowski will facilitate the hour long Zoom session addressing the noted topics, in addition to information about data needed for Data Pipeline and State and Federal Requirements. There will be time for questions at the end of the session.

READ Act Training Stipends Available for Consortium Member Teachers Responsible for Reading Instruction

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -

ECBOCES is working to support consortium member district teachers as they complete the online modules and earn a certificate for the required K-3 reading training (CDE deadline Monday, Aug. 1).  

Consortium teachers responsible for reading instruction who are eligible for the stipends include teachers from the following districts: Agate, Arickaree, Arriba/Flagler, Bennett, Bethune, Burlington, Byers, Cheyenne Wells, Deer Trail, Genoa/Hugo, Hi-Plains, Idalia, Karval, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Liberty, Limon, Strasburg, Stratton, Woodlin.  (Title III consortium members working in districts outside of this list are not eligible.)

The current budget includes funding for ECBOCES to offer consortium member teachers (who have not yet completed the training) a stipend for completing the following CDE approved PD (while funds last):  Option 5-CDE-Provided Training (online course or face-to-face at no cost to the teacher).

Register for the CDE training at this link:

Contact Mitzi Swiatkowski at with any questions.

Upcoming CPI Classes August 2022

by Lorie Coonts -

Hello All - 

If you need an CPI Initial course or the CPI Refresher you need to sign up for these ASAP!  Space is limited!  


DATE: Monday, August 1, 2022

TIME: 9:00 A.M. - 3: 00 P.M.
PRESENTERS: JoDee Ellis & Callie Burgess
LOCATION: East Central BOCES West Training Room
Please see information attached. You must register in advance in order to receive the written portion of the course to have completed by the in-person training. Lunch will be provided.


DATE: August 2, 2022
TIME: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
PRESENTER: Callie Burgess and JoDee Ellis
LOCATION: West Training Room, ECBOCES
DESCRIPTION: This is blended format training. All participants must register prior to the live training to receive access to the online part that must be completed prior to the training.

See information below:

Teaching and Learning CoLabs Summer PD

by Megan Eikleberry -

Teaching and Learning CoLab logo

What is a Teaching and Learning CoLab?

Teaching and Learning CoLabs are locally hosted, multi-disciplinary events following a model developed and supported by the Colorado Department of Education. As the name suggests, these events are focused on teaching and learning and are designed for collaboration. Each one brings together stakeholders in K-12, higher education, Colorado's professional teaching organizations, and the Colorado Department of Education.

Who should attend?

Schools are encouraged to form teams that attend a CoLab, with teachers spanning across grades and content areas, along with instructional coaches, curriculum specialists, and building-level administrators. Our target attendance is 200 to 250 attendees per CoLab, with approximately 40% elementary teachers, 40% secondary teachers, and 20% administrators and C&I support staff.

How will attending a CoLab benefit me? How will it benefit my team?

CoLabs are being co-designed by multiple partner organizations to help shape the event into something meaningful and sustainable for teachers and educators across the state. The schedule allows both elementary and secondary teachers to dig into these content areas in 2022:

  • English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, and Communicating)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Computer Science

In addition, leaders and instructional coaches can attend these sessions or a program strand designed for school leaders. At the end of the day, school teams will come together for a facilitated hour of planning where they can make sense of the ideas from the day and consider how to carry them forward into the 2022-2023 school year.

What is the cost to attend? How do I register?

CoLabs are free to attend, although you will be responsible for your travel and any lodging you may need. Each CoLab site page will have registration and suggested travel information.

2022 CoLab Dates and Locations

Greeley CoLab

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

  • Registration
  • Program
  • Travel, parking, maps, and other logistics

Greeley CoLab

Pueblo CoLab

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

  • Registration
  • Program
  • Travel, parking, maps, and other logistics

Pueblo CoLab

Here are some tips as you prepare to register: 

·       Register as a Team: Ideally, we want you to register as a school-based team representing multiple grades and content areas, and we would like a school leader (such as your principal) to attend with you. You can either have each person register themselves as individual ticket holders in Eventbrite, or select multiple tickets and enter the information for each attendee. (If you enter someone else’s information, make sure it’s 100% correct and uses the email address they will be checking in June!) 

·       The Event is Free, But Capacity is Limited: As each CoLab is limited to 200 participants, we want to ensure that everyone who registers attends the event. We encourage registration from participants who can commit to attending the full day. We understand that some changes may arise and we will work with you to adjust your registration if event capacity becomes an issue. 

·       Use Sched to Select Your Sessions: You'll register via Eventbrite but then be prompted to log in to Sched and to select the sessions you wish to attend. Selecting your sessions now helps us make the best use of the venue and helps presenters know how many attendees to expect. 


For general questions and answers about Teaching and Learning CoLabs, contact Joanna Bruno (, director of CDE's Office of Standards and Instructional Support. For site-specific questions, contact information will be listed under each CoLab site page.

Feedback Requested

by Emma Richardson -

We are working on some website improvements and would value feedback from our member districts!  Please take a few minutes to respond to this brief survey and help us as we work on updating the website to better meet your needs.


Thank you.

Emma Richardson

Attention K-6 Elementary Social Studies Teachers!!

by Emma Richardson -

Ute Knowledge History Kits for FREE!!!

Stephanie Hartman from CDE has shared an opportunity for elementary teachers. History Colorado has launched their new Ute Knowledge History Kits!  These free kits are available for educators across Colorado.  They are looking for a few teachers in our area who would be interested in piloting the kit.  If interested, please see more details on the attached flyer.