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    Program Overview


    ECBOCES is committed to providing our districts with support, resources, and professional development educators need to better serve their gifted student population. We have a Gifted Education Regional Consultant (GERC) who works closely with district gifted education coordinators to monitor and develop a program plan that specifies guidelines for gifted identification and programming options. Our GERC provides support to educators by offering a variety of professional development options, including classroom instructional modeling, that focus on using effective instructional strategies and programs to enhance rigor and challenge in the regular classroom. In addition, we organize annual regional events for gifted students throughout our region to provide opportunities for them to engage with their peers and engage in activities that have been specifically designed for students with their characteristics.

    Click HERE for a detailed look at the EC BOCES Gifted Program.

  • East Central BOCES and Northeast BOCES have organized regional student events for the past several years.  Each year, there are two or more elementary events and secondary events.  The elementary events are typically held in Limon and Sterling and the secondary events move around each year to different resorts and camps.  District GT coordinators give out invitations and registration information.

    Scavenger Hunts
    ULTIMATE SCAVENGER HUNT - 7th to 12th grade ULTIMATE CELEBRATION - 3rd to 6th grade
    2011 In Search of Direction
    2011 Discovery
    2012 In search of Creativity
    2012 Character
    2013 In Search of a Better World
    2013 Surge
    2014 In Search of Balance
    2014 Creativity
    2015 In Search of the Future
    2015 Discovery
    2016 In Search of Excellence
    2016 Character
    2017 In Search of Direction
    2017 Waves
    2018 In Search of Creativity
    2018 Creativity
    2019 In Search of A Better World
    2019 Discovery
    2020 In Search of Balance

     Find us on Face Book: GT Ultimate Scavenger Hunt and East Central BOCES

  •  Each district in the ECBOCES Administrative Unit has a Gifted and Talented Coordinator who monitors the gifted education program for the district. Please contact the GT Coordinator to learn more about the gifted and talented program at each school.

    If you are a GT Coordinator, please click HERE for Resources.  You will need to be logged in to access them.

    District Coordinators


    GT Coordinator(s)



    Melinda Walls


    Ronda Peeples


    Sarah Smithburg


     Kim Azulay– Primary and Intermediate Schools 

    Emily Thain - Middle School

    Jennifer Goodnight – High School and District


    Michelle Kramer


    Kaileigh Bonner - Elementary School

    Michael Steach – Middle School 

    Delsi Steach – High  School and District



    Connie Butterfield - Elementary School

    Amy Burns – Secondary School  

    CES/Astravo Online 

    Mayra Sabell - GT Coordinator

    Amanda Tope - GT Teacher

    Marissa Reynolds - GT Teacher

    Cheyenne Wells

    Bethanie Ruch

    Deer Trail

    Dawn Heck


    Jill Hollowell

    Hi Plains

    Aileen Richards 


    Cindy Soehner


    Carissa Smith


    Alyssa Egloff

    Kit Carson

    Natalie Framel


    Jane Bellows


    Joel Albers


    Kristin Aramowicz - Elementary School    

    Ashley Price - Middle School

    John Leisge - High School


    Teesa Yacco


    Deb Atwater

  • Topic/Category Event; Regional or Statewide Workshop Suggested Audience Dates Location Website

    Gifted Education State Directors Meetings Gifted Education Coordinators September 10-11, 2019  Denver Marriott West contact Jodi Church at
    Gifted Education Addressing the Needs of Gifted Learners Online Modules Gifted Education Coordinators, Teachers 2019-2020 online

    Gifted Education

    Gifted Education

    Compacting Curriculum and Flexible Grouping- Dina Brulles

    New GT Coordinator's Training

    Gifted Education Coordinators

    New District Coordinators

    September 27, 2019

    September 16, 2019

    East Central BOCES, Limon, CO

    East Central BOCES, Limon CO

    Register at

    or contact Jodi Church at

    Register at

    Gifted Education CAGT Gifted Education Coordinators, Teachers, Parents October 21-22, 2019 Loveland, COCAGT Website
    Gifted Education NAGC Gifted Education Coordinators November 7-11, 2019 Albuquerque, NM

    Gifted Education Regional Network Meeting Gifted Education Coordinators December 4, 2019 East Central BOCES, Limon, CO

    or contact Jodi Church

    Gifted Education Gifted Education Tuesdays Gifted Education Coordinators



    Gifted Education IDGE Gifted Education Coordinators January 30-31, 2020 University of Denver

    Gifted Education Beyond Giftedness Gifted Education Coordinators, Teachers, Parents February 2020 Arvada, CO

    Gifted Education State Directors Meetings

    Gifted Education Coordinators

    March 3-4, 2020 TBD contact Jodi Church
    Gifted Education Regional Network Meeting Gifted Education Coordinators March 10, 2020 East Central BOCES, Limon, CO

    or contact Jodi Church

    Each year, the ECBOCES GERC facilitates at least three full day professional development opportunities for district GT Coordinators.

    GT Network Meetings allow GT coordinators to have an opportunity to:

    ·      Network/share ideas with other coordinators

    ·      Learn about the latest resources and instructional strategies to support gifted students

    ·      Be informed about state initiatives and changes made to gifted program elements

    ·      Analyze gifted student achievement and collaboratively set goals/action plans for improvement

    ·      Participate in the planning and organization of gifted student regional events

    ·      Improve tools used for identification processes and programming options

    The Gifted and Talented Networking Sessions are all listed on the ECBOCES Events Calendar

    Location: ECBOCES West Room in Limon, CO

    Registration: Please register by clicking on the appropriate date above.


    Snacks and Lunch are always provided and guests are always welcome to come learn about GT topics!


    All networking resources can be found HERE.

  • It takes a village…parenting a gifted child is not always easy.  The Parent’s Page link below offers tools and resources to help gifted children and their families thrive and succeed.  Resources  include links to state and national organizations,  book lists for parents and children, information about general GT topics, state and national competitions, and social emotional issues. 

    Please click HERE for parent resources.

    For an overview of the ECBOCES Gifted Program, click HERE.