Visible Learning for Social Studies K-12

Visible Learning for Social Studies K-12

by Megan Eikleberry -
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We will be starting a book study with Stephanie Hartman from CDE focusing on Visible Learning for Social Studies. If you would like to be apart of the books study please email Megan Eikleberry at so I can get a book ordered for you!

Visible Learning for Social Studies, Grades K-12

Help students move from surface-level learning to the transfer of understanding.

How do social studies teachers maximize instruction to ensure students are prepared for an informed civic life? VISIBLE LEARNING® for Social Studies, Grades K-12 shows how the field is more than simply memorizing dates and facts—it encapsulates the skillful ability to conduct investigations, analyze sources, place events in historical context, and synthesize divergent points of view.

The Visible Learning framework demonstrates that learning is not an event, but rather a process in which students move from surface-level learning to deep learning, and then onto the transfer of concepts, skills, and strategies. Encouraging learners to explore different facets of society, history, geography, and more, best practices for applying visible learning to social studies curriculum are presented through:

·         A scaffolded approach, including surface-level learning, deep learning, and transfer of learning

·         Examples of strategies, lessons, and activities best suited for each level of learning

·         Planning tools, rubrics, and templates to guide instruction

Teachers must understand the impact they have on students and select approaches to maximize that impact. This book will guide you through the process of identifying the right strategy for the right time to successfully move students through surface, deep, and transfer learning.

Book Study Zoom dates from 4:15-5:15:

Jan. 18th- Ch. 1
Feb. 22nd- Ch. 2
March 29th- Ch. 3
April 26th- Ch. 4 and 5