READ Act Update for Teachers

READ Act Update for Teachers

by Megan Eikleberry -
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During the Title I training on September 30th, there were many questions regarding the READ Act and wanting clarification on EL students, SPED students, and possible training. The SPED guidance for local districts in ECBOCES is to not include the READ Plan in a student's IEP. These should be two separate documents. Attached is READ Plans and Students with Disabilities Guidance Document from CDE with highlighted areas that contributed to East Central BOCES decision that the READ Plan would not be included in IEP’s. In addition, we have attached an EC BOCES document to assist in integrating components of the IEP into the READ Plan to ensure the documents complement each other.


Here is the guidance and response we received from the READ Act Team at CDE:


All students in grades K-3 that are identified as having a significant reading deficiency (SRD) should have a READ plan. 

This READ Act and English Learners document provides guidance and flowcharts for determining SRD for English Learners. The READ and EL webpage provides additional information on the READ Act and English Learners and provides a sample READ Plan for English Learners. 

Districts have the option to integrate READ Plan goals into an IEP based on the following language in the READ Act:

CRS 22-7-1206 (3) Notwithstanding any provision of this part 12 to the contrary, if a student is identified as having a disability that impacts the student's progress in developing reading skills, the local education provider shall, as appropriate, integrate into the student's individualized education program created pursuant to section 22-20-108 intervention instruction and strategies to address the student's reading issues in lieu of a READ plan.


However, most districts choose to keep these plans separate. This is a local-level decision, and it is recommended that district leadership (including Special Education leadership) consult with district legal counsel to determine the most appropriate related district policy. You may find the information and scenarios in this READ Plans and Students with Disabilities guidance document helpful as you make considerations.

It is important to keep in mind that students with an IEP who are identified as having a significant reading deficiency are entitled to all the supports outlined in the READ Act, including scientifically and evidence-based core instruction, READ Act assessments, and READ plan services, whether documentation of the READ plan intervention instruction and strategies are integrated into the IEP or kept as two separate documents. 


Our training team is currently providing the K-3 evidence-based training in teaching reading sessions and is not available to provide live READ Act training this fall. We are updating resources on our website and will be posting a voiceover READ Plan training that can be viewed by individuals or in a group. We will let you know as soon as this training is posted on our website.