Training Stipends!

Training Stipends!

by Emma Richardson -
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East Central BOCES Is working on sending out stipends for any trainings that offered stipends.  In order to receive a stipend, you need to have completed all the necessary items to receive your certificates.  

You can quickly see which trainings you have completed by clicking on the Certificates Icon on the website home page after you have logged in.  If you are missing a certificate for a training you attended, please go to the page for that training and make sure that you completed the attendance during the training and completed the evaluation.

If you did not check in and submit attendance for a training, you will need to contact the presenter so that they can mark you as attended.  Evaluations can be completed at any time.  There is a link on each page to the requirements for Stipends.  Please make sure that they are completed.

We will pull training completion reports after April 7th so please make sure that all your info is current and requirements met before that date.