Zoom Account Login Process

Zoom Account Login Process

by Emma Richardson -
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There have been changes made to the Zoom Login process and you are ONLY able to login using SSO login.  The first time that you use SSO login, it will prompt for a domain - please type ecboces in this box and then login with your ECBOCES login info.  This will only affect people that were using Google login to access their Zoom account. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but the ECBOCES SSO login will also give you access to our website and the helpdesk without the need to login again.  On both of these sites, just use the ECBOCES SSO button to automatically log you in to these sites.

If you have any trouble, please put in a ticket at our helpdesk (help.ecboces.org) or email help@ecboces.org.

Thank you.