REMINDER!! Free WIDA EL PD: Sign up and receive certificate through WIDA

REMINDER!! Free WIDA EL PD: Sign up and receive certificate through WIDA

by Megan Eikleberry -
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Registration will close on March 22nd. If you plan on attending any of the sessions, please register using the link.

CDE is paying for this PD event presented by WIDA and is offering it only to members of EC BOCES.  Please register with WIDA at the link provided below.  This event will not be on our website calendar; and your certificate will come directly from WIDA.

Engaging Multilingual Newcomers (3 Virtual WIDA Webinars totaling 4.5 ED PD Hours)   

Registration Limit: 40 attendees

Registration Ends: 3/22

Format: Live webinars not to exceed 90 minutes each. Webinars will not be recorded. Alternate tasks available from WIDA  for participants not able to attend.

Webinar 1: Wednesday, 3/30, 4:15-5:45pm

Webinar 2: Wednesday, 4/6,   4:15-5:45pm

Webinar 3: Wednesday, 4/13, 4:15-5:45pm

WIDA Facilitator: Amy Faust Fraser (She presented in Burlington and Bethune about 6 years ago and was excellent!)

Attendance Certificate: Provided by WIDA after attendee completes survey questions following Webinar 3

One thing you must do before registering, is have the person in your district who creates WIDA Secure Portal accounts associated with your district (usually your DAC) create an account for you (unless you already have an account).  This will allow you to access webinars and training on the WIDA website. 


After someone in your district has created a WIDA Secure Portal account for you, register at this link:


Please contact Mitzi Swiatkowski at or Megan Eikleberry at if you have difficulty in registering or have questions about the PD.