READ Act Stipends Available-See Details Below

READ Act Stipends Available-See Details Below

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -
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EC BOCES has received approval from CDE to use Title II funds for ($320) teacher stipends for successful completion of CDE approved READ Act PD.  There is funding available for about 90 teachers.  If you completed the required PD since last year’s deadline (May 28, 2021) and did not receive a stipend, please send your documentation, as you are eligible as well.

Terms:  The stipends will be paid out on a first come, first serve basis-until the funding runs out.  Be sure your superintendent signs the form before you send it to BOCES.  We will not be able to pay out the stipend without the superindent's signature (Plan ahead to be sure your superintendent is available to sign).  Once the budgeted amount has been expended, no more funding will be available to be paid out.  Hard deadline: May 28, 2022 (if the funding lasts through that date).  Please submit as soon as you have completed the training, and have the documentation you need to submit. (Form attached.)

Directions:  Email a scanned copy of stipend documentation including the attached form (signed by your superintendent), a completed W-9 (if you do not already have one on file with your current address at EC BOCES), and documentation of the successful completion of an approved training to:

Mitzi Swiatkowski (
East Central BOCES
719-775-2342 Extension 114

The stipends will be paid for with Federal funds and are approved for payment to certified teachers for completing the following CDE approved PD:  

  • Option 5-CDE-Provided Training (online course or face-to-face at no cost to the teacher), or 
  • Option: 7-A Successfully Completed Training on CDE’s Advisory List of PD Programs.  
The following are not eligible for the PD stipends: Holding a State of Colorado Endorsement as a Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist, CDE-approved Alternative Assessment, Undergraduate or Graduate Reading Course.

To address districts' immediate needs, the payment of the stipend will be limited to K-3 teachers and other teachers (may possibly include admin.) providing literacy instruction for students grades K-3, such as a Title I teacher, EL teacher or Special Education teacher.

Please call or email me if you have any questions.



Mitzi Swiatkowski
Federal Programs
(719) 775-2342 Extension 114