Expanding Your Clickers with Additional Sets (as provided by Pamela Schuckies of eInstruction)

Here is the procedure to follow on the response pad. 

You may have to try the sequence in number 1 more than once as it is tricky to get it to engage. 

***This is for a reason; we don’t want students figuring it out or doing it by accident.

1.  Press both arrow keys (< and >) simultaneously, then Press the +/ key.
2.  When the “change” mode engages, the Screen will display Channel #:  Type in the channel number you want to use for that pad – if you want to keep the same one, just type that number again.
3.  Press Send to set it
4.  The Screen will now display Address – this means pad number.  Type in the pad number you want to assign to that pad.
5.  Press send again
6.  Press send a third time to save new settings.  It will power down automatically.  When you power it up again, it will be re-set to the new values for channel and pad number.

The other thing to remember is to make sure you have a roster that reflects all the new numbers - in your case, you would use a roster with pads numbered 1 - 60.
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