Course: English Language Acquisition Services, Section: Site Overview of Responsibilities

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Site Overview of Responsibilities

  • Site Overview of Responsibilities

    1)      Distribute and support a Home Language Survey to all member sites to identify new ELL      students as well as those currently registered within sites.

    2)       Assist with the collection and aggregation of legal administrative paperwork requirements for both state and federal compliance as well as ongoing written reports and verbal conferencing with designated supervisors.

    3)      Administer assessments and provide assessment training to identify ELL students in order to determine English acquisition levels and necessary instructional supports and interventions.

    4)        Contact and meet with superintendents, building principals, and any staff member upon request in order to establish a collaborative relationship based on the needs of students and staff.

    5)     Assess and evaluate current programs and practices to recommend and/or provide professional development and co-model instructional accommodations..