Wednesday, February 19, 2020


2/19/2020 - Perkins Business Teachers PD and Planning

Wednesday, February 19, 9:00 AM » 3:00 PM
Site event
DATE: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 TIME: 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. LOCATION: East Central BOCES West Training Room DESCRIPTION: CTE Business Teachers Planning and PD may include some time with Dana Anderson (Program Director of Business/Marketing) from CCCS and will finish up the morning with PD and grant planning until 11:00 a.m. From 11:00-3:00, Ed Whritner, the District PBL Coordinator from Mancos RE-6 School District, will be here for a PBL presentation. Lunch will be provided.

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2/19/2020 Impact Teams Networking Zoom

Wednesday, February 19, 4:15 PM » 5:15 PM
Site event
DATE: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 TIME: 4:15 - 5:15 P.M. LOCATION: Over Zoom PRESENTER: Megan Donnellon DESCRIPTION: Impact Team Coordinators Networking Zoom will review data, set goals, and determine a plan for 2nd Semester.

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Meet an engineer from Lockheed Martin (Part 1 of a 4 event series)

Wednesday, February 19, 4:30 PM » 5:30 PM
Site event

The idea of this series is to start connecting teachers with industry partners who are willing to embark on projects with your students.  These discussions are to introduce you with people at Lockheed Martin who are wanting to work with educators and introduce your students to the world of aerospace and engineering.  

To get the most out of this, I would ask that you come prepared.  Take a look at the job description below for the first presenter and have your students do a little research and come up with a few questions for you to ask during the session.  If you then want to try and get together with one or more of the people that we introduce you too and connect them with your class for a session or two, we will work with you to get that organized.

Lockheed Martin Series - first session

Location: VIA Zoom Videoconferencing: CLICK HERE TO JOIN CONFERENCE

Date: Feb 19th.

Time: 4:30pm.

Presenter: Jamie Gammel - Senior Software Engineer, Scrum Master (Rotary & Mission Systems (RMS) Signals Reconnaissance Programs)

Job Description: I am responsible to Lead/coordinate/monitor/review all Engineering & Technology responsibilities and technical execution on the Canadian Surface Combatant Program. Provide technical expertise/support for the conduct of the formal Aegis Review processes and methodologies (SDR, PDR, CDR) for the FMS, CMS-330 Combat System, Solid State Radar, and Shipbuilding components of the program. Provide coordination/leadership for system engineering tasking as assigned by the NC&MDS International Chief Engineer; e.g., required special studies, system engineering performance trades/analysis, staffing projections/analysis, or cost proposal development. I participate in the design, development, verification and deployment of complex new software. Develop and maintain software using the following languages and technologies; C++, Java, Python, Big Data, Data Science, Cyber Security, and Embedded systems, working on world class product lines such as Orion, SBIRS, GPS-III, Commercial Vehicles, Deep Space Exploration, Classified Special Programs. As a scrum master for the Enterprise Products and Services, I lead a group of 17 software engineers through all phases of the development process using agile methodologies. I am required to hold a Top Secret Security clearance and SCI (sensitive compartmentalized information) a highly specialized security clearance. Travel to Military/Air Force sites for software installations/maintenance.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Hope to see you next week!