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Statewide Computer Science Ed Book Study

Statewide Computer Science Ed Book Study

by Mitzi Swiatkowski -
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Chris Summers, the Computer Science Content Specialist at CDE, is starting a computer science education book study after the holidays, and requested we share info with consortium members to make it possible for you to join. Please feel free to share this with any interested educator! Included is an excerpt from CDE’s website.  More information can be found at

Excerpt from Chris: 

One of my goals is to foster the growth of the computer science education community within Colorado in order to build stronger connections between computer science educators. With this in mind I am excited to announce our first computer science book study! The purpose of this study is to provide an opportunity for educators to engage in professional discourse around one of the current hot topics in the computer science world, that of equity and access. One of our main guiding questions is: "How can this book influence professional practices at the classroom, school, or district level?"

Contact info for Chris:

Chris Summers
Computer Science Content Specialist
Standards and Instructional Support
P 303.866.6576  |  C 720.648-3909
1580 Logan Street, Suite 430, Denver, CO 80203  |